January Jones Goes Topless For ‘Violet Grey’, Talks About Insecurities As A Teen

January Jones is going topless for Violet Grey, showing off her body to highlight how women feel without their makeup “armor.”

The Mad Men star appears in the latest issue of Grey’s The Violet Files, appearing both with full red lips and a no-makeup makeup look.

January Jones said the Violet Grey topless photo shoot showcased the difference women feel when wearing full makeup.

“We wanted to do an elevated take on before-and-after photos and explore the idea that a lot of women, myself included, feel less vulnerable once they’re dressed and have their makeup on,” Jones told the publication. “It’s like you’ve put your armor on for the day.”

Jones knows something about insecurities. Ironically, the actress said she grew more and more uncomfortable about her body as she became “pretty” during high school.

The New York Post‘s Page Six pointed out that Jones shared a picture on Instagram showing herself in fifth grade sporting a mullet.

“I was at my most confident as a kid,” she noted.

“It actually wasn’t until I got into high school and started to get quote-unquote pretty that my confidence started to disappear. So I want to give the message that girls can be proud and self-assured no matter what funky haircut they have.”

The Violet Grey interview also touched on the upcoming final season of Mad Men, which Jones hinted would give fans a satisfying ending.

“I was surprised, but the show has always surprised me,” Jones said. “Each episode is so good and sort of ties up things — not in a perfect bow, obviously — but I think the audience will be happy.”

The show makes its return April 5, with Jones playing 1960s housewife Betty Draper Francis. Though it’s headed off the air, January Jones has a new stint in Last Man on Earth, playing a straight woman to Will Forte.

Jones made other fashion news this week, showing up in New York City with her trademark blonde hair dyed a light shade of pink.

The look got high marks from Hollywood Life.

“Along with her pink-red hair, she wore a bold red lip, which looked amazing against her porcelain skin! Her brows were full and the fact that her hair was so tightly pulled back really showed off her amazing skin. I can’t believe she is 37!”

More photos of January Jones in her topless Violet Grey photo shoot can be seen here.

[Image via Violet Grey]

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