Chris Soules Bit By The Fame Bug: Wants Own Show About ‘Life On The Farm’

Bachelor star Chris Soules has been dancing his way into the hearts of viewers over the past few weeks, as he is eager to make his spot on Dancing with the Stars last. Soules has been eagerly posting things to Twitter and Instagram, and he is encouraging his fans to vote for him. Many believe that Soules is more eager to stay in the spotlight than past Bachelor couples, including Sean Lowe who went through the same thing.

And it sounds like Chris Soules loves being adored by fans around the world. Maybe life on the farm was a bit lonely, and now he is enjoying the spotlight. Apparently, Soules and his future wife, Whitney Bischoff, are eager to stay in the spotlight even if it means doing a show about the farm life in Iowa.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Bachelor star Chris Soules is supposedly pushing the idea of getting his own reality show. Several other reports claim that Chris loves the spotlight and that he doesn’t want to let it go, but getting his own show with Whitney could give her something to do while she is on the farm.

“He’s pitching a reality show about life on the farm with Whitney,” a source has revealed about Soules, adding, “A reality show about his life in Iowa with Whitney will let Chris sustain the fame he loves so much.”

While filming The Bachelor, Chris Soules kept saying how much he loved the farm life and how he couldn’t wait to get back to what he knows and loves. But maybe he has also seen what life in the public eye can give him – so now he wants both. It wouldn’t be a farfetched theory.

“He feels that with [Whitney] by his side, the public will love him and that creates business opportunities,” the source added, saying, “He loves the attention he’s gotten from being on TV, so he wants to keep this going for as long as he can.”

The extra money that would come from doing the show could possibly help supplement the income Whitney may have lost when she quit her job to be closer to Chris Soules. This request for a show could be his way of giving back to her, as she had to walk away from her beloved job to move to the Soules farm. She has been a big supporter of Chris on Dancing with the Stars and she recently lashed out at the judges for not giving him the scores she felt Chris deserved.

According to the Inquisitr, Chris Soules has revealed that delaying the wedding to Whitney was the right decision. Some people are speculating that the new show, supposedly called Life On The Farm, would be his way of proving to the world that Bischoff was the right choice, even though many feel he wanted to choose Becca Tilley.

What do you think about Chris Soules getting his own show? Would you watch?

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