Lisa Vanderpump And Eileen Davidson Question Why Brandi Glanville Was At Party With ‘Dying’ Father, Brandi Explains Herself

Brandi Glanville made one more attempt at persuading Lisa Vanderpump to be her friend again on Tuesday night’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale episode. Brandi, in tears, repeatedly told Lisa that she loves her and asked why she couldn’t forgive her. Brandi also repeatedly shrieked about her father dying, that Yolanda Foster has been the only one to check in on her during her father’s hospital stay, and questioning whether Lisa cares at all about what’s happening to her dad.

Lisa replied that, of course, she felt sorry about her father’s situation, but barely even knows him. Lisa later told the camera that her relationship with Brandi at that point was not one where she would pick up the phone and call her.

In her BravoTV blog post, Lisa reflected on the finale episode, especially on her interaction with Brandi. Lisa said that Brandi can’t just say she loves someone and expects that person to forget everything that has happened. Lisa questioned why Brandi now so desperately wants to be her friend when that wasn’t the case last season.

“BG states she loves me…Easy to say, as easy as saying sorry, but actions are more important than words. The way you know if somebody loves you is the way they make you feel. If somebody is sorry, you would feel reassured that they would try not to perpetuate the same behavior. The big question here is, I didn’t change from last season, so why this desperation to have me back in her life? Now is there a realization that maybe last year she was wrong, malicious, and vindictive? That should be the conversation.”

Lisa also wondered why Brandi was at the party at all if she was so worried and distressed about her father.

“One thing I know for sure is if my father’s life was held in the balance, I would be there at his side, not arguing about the dynamics of a superficial conversation, but it was our final party at the end of the season.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Eileen Davidson also questioned why Brandi Glanville was at the party.

At the party, as shown in an unaired clip posted on BravoTV, Eileen actually confronted Brandi about what happened in Amsterdam. Eileen told Brandi that she wished she would stop attacking her for no reason, and it’s not okay to keep attacking other people. Brandi said that she was just defending Kim Richards, who was being attacked by Lisa Rinna and Eileen. Eileen countered that Brandi was completely rewriting history, since she did nothing to deserve Kim’s insults during the Amsterdam group dinner.

In her latest blog post, Brandi explained why she went to Adrienne Maloof’s party when her father was deathly ill. Brandi explained that she had already been by her dad’s side in Sacramento for two weeks, but had to go back home for her sons. She also said that she had promised to go to the party.

“First off, my mind was not on the party at all. My father was recently hospitalized, and I didn’t leave his side for two weeks. It was very serious, but I had to return home to my boys. He was still not conscious, but I needed to get home to run my household–a party was the last place I wanted to be, but I had promised.”

Brandi also said that she wasn’t crying about the demise of her friendship with Lisa.

“In the end, I left the party early. Why? Not because of a past friendship with Lisa V. It’s not her that made me cry–I was crying for my father, my dad! I was in no place to be at a superficial party, discussing a superficial incident with a person who was clearly not a friend, not that night. I said I would show up, and I did. After that, I wanted to be with my real close friends and family.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion show, part one of which will air next Tuesday, will likely show Brandi Glanville again questioning why Lisa Vanderpump just can’t move on with her. It may also show Eileen Davidson again confronting Brandi about her behavior and telling her straight-up that it’s not okay.

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