Whitney Bischoff Proves She Didn’t Ditch Chris Soules On ‘DWTS’

Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff was super happy when Chris Soules proposed to her during the finale episode, choosing Whitney over Becca Tilley. Whitney was set on moving to Arlington, Iowa, but first she had to support Chris Soules on his stint on Dancing with the Stars. But as Chris was preparing to dance with a female dance partner, the tabloids went crazy in regards to Soules spending much of his time with another woman.

Despite reports, Whitney Bischoff has shown nothing but support for the dancing Bachelor star. Reports surfaced that Whitney had not shown up alongside Soules’ sisters to support Chris on this week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, but she wants everyone to know that she was there – even if the cameras didn’t catch her.

According to a new Instagram post, Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff is now revealing that she was in the studio when Chris was dancing. And Bischoff was there in full support of him alongside his sisters.

“Chris Soules fan club last night! #entourage,” Whitney Bischoff wrote last night on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with his sisters all dressed up for Dancing With the Stars.

Whitney Bischoff wants people to know that there is no tension between herself and Witney Carson. Of course, Witney is Soules’ dancing partner on Dancing with the Stars, and he is often posting pictures of them dancing together to encourage more votes for them on the show. And while some people see this as being a valid reason for being jealous, Whitney Bischoff has shown no such signs of jealousy or insecurities. Instead, Bischoff is focusing on the love she shares with Chris.

“Celebrating a great night on #DWTS. Smiles. And more smiles,” Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff revealed, posting a picture of herself with Soules.

Whitney Bischoff will probably be there during every episode of Dancing with the Stars, as she wants to see him do well on the show. And maybe Whitney has learned a few things from Catherine Lowe, who was a big supporter of Sean Lowe when he competed on the show after his Bachelor journey.

And while Whitney is supportive of Chris, she only wants positive vibes from her followers. According to the Inquisitr, Whitney Bischoff has posted a picture of herself with a shirt that reads, “Positive Vibes Only.” Clearly, these two are not interested in negative opinions or thoughts, which are common in the reality television world.

What do you think of Whitney Bischoff’s support of Chris Soules?

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