Couple Weds 68 Years: Gray And Hatch Prove It’s Never Too Late, Marry 68 Years After First Kiss

A couple weds 68 years after their first kiss. Frank Gray and Ada Hatch decided to get married 68 years after they began dating. According to the Canada Journal, the reunited couple — now both 85-years-old — dated for about six months before a misunderstanding involving another boy way back when. Although they saw each other from time to time, Frank and Ada made their own lives with different people, raised families, and moved on. Except neither of them really ever did.

Frank’s wife passed away, and a couple of years later, he heard that Ada’s husband had passed away. He decided to give her a call, and soon after, they made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together.

“After a third call to say ‘yes’ to dinner, Frank took Ada out for her birthday. She said spending time with Frank just felt right. That was in November. Before long, Frank was asking Ada to be his bride.”

The couple decided to wed after 68 years. Gray and Hatch chose Valentine’s Day to say their “I do’s,” which was very special for obvious reasons, but also for a personal reason, as well; Ada’s parents also were married on Valentine’s Day. According to the Huffington Post, the two are more than happy to be reunited, and while you might think it’s a little late, the two have proved that it is never too late at all.

At this point, Gray and Hatch plan to be together forever, however long that may be. They are both just so in love.

“Well, we’re both 85. How much longer do we have to enjoy each other? That’s a big question and probably we haven’t gotten too many years left here. So why not try to enjoy it? And I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy it than to be with this girl,” said Frank. The two plan to spend time swimming at the YMCA and just being together at home.

Love stories like this are simply beautiful, and people love reading about them. People also seem to enjoy reading about couples married for decades who die together. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a couple married for 67 years died holding hands last month. Floyd and Violet Hartwig’s love story went viral and for good reason.

Finding a love like this seems so rare nowadays, so it’s refreshing in many ways to read these stories (and to write them).

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