‘RHOBH’ Deleted Scene: Brandi Glanville Fights With Eileen Davidson During Finale

In a RHOBH deleted scene from last night’s Season 5 finale, Brandi Glanville was seen going head-to-head with her Real Housewives co-star, soap actress Eileen Davidson.

Since they first met on the show, Glanville and Davidson haven’t gotten along. Although they were civil at first, things took a quick turn for the worse when Glanville threw a glass of wine in Davidson’s face after she refused to act out a scene from a soap. Davidson was further bothered by Glanville’s behavior towards Kyle Richards, as well as her relationship with Richards’ sister, Kim.

In the March 24 RHOBH deleted scene, Davidson approaches Glanville to discuss what she deemed as “unresolved business.”

“I don’t know how serious it is, I just want you to know how I’m feeling,” Davidson explained to Glanville, who was joined by boyfriend J.R. and friend Jennifer Gimenez in the RHOBH deleted scene.

“I just wish you would stop attacking me for no reason. I just want to say, I’m sorry you are going through a hard time, but it doesn’t make it okay to keep attacking other people.”

Glanville, who explained to Davidson that her father was dying, claimed she never attacked Davidson and alleged she was simply defending her friend, Kim, who was under the attack of two women. Glanville then claimed it was Davidson who attacked Kim, which Davidson denied in the RHOBH deleted scene..

“You are completely re-writing history. There was never an attack. We were concerned about her… I was just sitting there, when she became vicious and violent, attacking me.”

During the episode in question, which aired weeks before the RHOBH deleted scene was released, Lisa Rinna attempted to apologize to Kim when she came under Kim’s attack. After claiming Rinna had a “situation at home,” Kim then turned her attention to her sister, Kyle, who she said wasn’t a good sister. She also called Davidson a “beast” when she attempted to intervene.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Davidson also addressed her issues with Glanville, as well as their interaction during the RHOBH deleted scene in her Bravo blog on March 24. After telling fans Glanville was “clearly distraught,” Davidson wondered why Glanville came to the party at all. Davidson also spoke of the topic on Twitter.

To watch the RHOBH deleted scene in full, check out the clip below.

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