Farrah Abraham Plans On Getting Medical Degree To Pursue Plastic Surgery Career

Farrah Abraham is no stranger when it comes to trying new things. The reality show star is an entrepreneur and has dabbled in several projects. Aside from releasing her own line of adult toys, she has also penned a New York Times Bestseller, as well as a trilogy of erotic novels, and she has also expressed interest in opening a restaurant. While she is back on Teen Mom OG at the moment, she doesn’t plan to be a reality show star forever and recently revealed plans for her future.

Speaking to E! Online, Farrah revealed that she isn’t about to slow down or focus solely on one thing. Rather, she is taking every opportunity that comes her way!

“My mindset before was so limited and so small-minded. I’ve learned from growth and being less judgmental, really expanding and saying don’t just settle and focus on one thing. There’s many other things you can do.”

So, what is it that Farrah Abraham plans to do? It turns out that she may be setting her sights on a career in plastic surgery. Of course, Farrah knows that this isn’t going to be something that she can just jump into and is more than willing to put in the time and work that it will take to achieve her goals.

“Hopefully in five years I can go back to school. I really want to get my doctorate and I want to do plastic surgery. So that’s just something on top of all of the other things I want to do but that would probably be my end goal.”

Plastic surgery is something that Farrah Abraham is very familiar with. In fact, she has been open about her plastic surgeries, which include botched lip implants. After her botched lip surgery, Farrah was outspoken about the potential risks of plastic surgery. Considering her past experiences with plastic surgery, it is interesting that she may want to pursue a career in the field.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah isn’t about to let one botched surgery scare her away from plastic surgery, though. She revealed on The Doctors that she will be sure to put more research into any future procedures that she may undergo.

Farrah Abraham is currently appearing on Teen Mom OG and, although she wasn’t on the first episode, she will be featured on the rest of the season, much to the dismay of her costars.

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