Christ Apparition Landslide: Hundreds Head To Colombia To Worship Face In Landslide Resembling Christ

A Christ apparition appeared in a landslide in Putumayo, Colombia, sending hundreds of people to worship nearby. According to Mail Online, police have been called to the area to control the crowds of people who have been gathering to pray. A couple of local landowners have decided to charge people to get close to the “miracle,” which not everyone can even see, apparently.

“If you believe in Jesus, you will see your image,” said Ximena Rosero Arango. Photos of the apparition have been circulating on social media, and many people can actually make out a face that does indeed look like Christ. However, there are some people who see nothing more than dirt.

“Congratulations to those who can see the face of Jesus in landslide in Putumayo. I just see a mountain of earth surrounded by trees,” wrote one Twitter user (@AdasOz).

The Christ apparition in the landslide isn’t the first time that people have seen something like this. According to the Canada Journal, people have claimed to see the face of Christ in everything, from a piece of bread, to a burn mark left behind from an iron. When the face of Christ appears in such a way, believers not only want to see, but many want to be a part of something that transcends the norm.

As long as the face in the landslide is visible to someone, people will continue to go to the area and worship. It’s even possible that people will forever consider that area to be holy ground.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a man in the U.K. claimed that Jesus appeared to him on a piece of toast. In 2011, the Inquisitr reported that Jesus appeared on a Walmart receipt. It does seem that every time the face of Jesus appears, stories go viral. The world seems curious about these instances, and many people are fascinated by them. To some people, this is just cool, but to others, this is something that goes beyond faith.

The Christ apparition in the landslide is very apparent if you know what the face of Jesus looks like. To many, this is more than a sign from the heavens. Do you see Jesus’ face in the photo above? What do you make of things of this nature?

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