Mackenzie Douthit-McKee Of ‘Teen Mom 3’ Involved In Car Crash, Urges Fans Not To Drive With High Blood Sugar

Mackenzie Douthit may no longer appear on Teen Mom 3, but the Oklahoma blonde has a following of fans that still follow her daily life. The young mom of two often shares updates about her life as well as her son, Gannon, and daughter, Jaxie. Recently though, the latest update about Mackenzie’s life was scary, as it involved the former reality show totaling her new car!

TMZ reports that the car crash took place on Saturday night. Mackenzie Douthit was driving her brand new car in Oklahoma when she wound up in a ditch, totaling her 2013 Kia Sorrento. According to several reports, Mackenzie claims the crash occurred due to her blood sugar being high.

For fans who watched her on Teen Mom 3, they know that Mackenzie is a diabetic and has to watch her blood sugar readings. She often talks about her diabetes on social networking, and shares what she eats and how she controls her diabetes. For whatever reason on Saturday night, though, she found herself behind the wheel with her blood sugar skyrocketing.

After the crash, she took to Twitter to urge fans not to drive with high blood sugar.

While Mackenzie Douthit walked away from the crash, it is reported that she was driving the car without insurance. As a result, she will be responsible for paying the $26,000 that was owed on the car. Reportedly, she also received a ticket for driving without insurance. She had just posted a photo of herself with her family in front of the new car and shared it on Instagram, too.

“Welp… Here we are taking home our new family car. Goodbye teenage car, hello mommy car. We have been dreaming of a nice family car to travel in for a while now and have worked hard for this. A lot of hours in the factory for josh and LOTS of hair cuts for this cosmetologist. So happy for our family we deserve it. #2013kiasorento.”

Mackenzie Douthit appeared first on 16 and Pregnant then on the short-lived Teen Mom 3. After the show, she and her boyfriend Josh McKee tied-the-knot. She then went on to have another child, but there was some drama surrounding that decision. Due to her diabetes, she was urged not to get pregnant again, but Mackenzie went against doctors’ orders and ended up delivering a healthy baby girl.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mackenzie Douthit recently opened her own salon, and her cosmetology career seems to be taking off.

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