Taylor Swift Receives Apology But Princeton Review Holds Firm On Claim of Singer’s Bad Grammar

Taylor Swift was given an apology from the team at the Princeton Review after the publication misquoted one of her lyrics within one of its SAT prep books. The prep book included a lyric from the superstar’s hit single “Fifteen,” yet it had the words all wrong and even used the inaccurate wording as an example of bad grammar.

Swift jokingly made note of the Princeton Review’s error by way of her Tumblr page, and although she stayed classy in the exchange, her annoyance with the mess-up was obvious, as Gossip Cop relayed.

“Not the right lyrics at all pssshhh. You had one job, test people. One job. #ACCUSEMEOFANYTHINGBUTDONOTATTACKMYGRAMMAR.”

The lyric of subject was added to the SAT prep book as “”Somebody tells you they love, you got to believe them.” However, the actual lyric in its correct form is “”Somebody tells you they love, you’re gonna believe them.”

Recently, the publication was made known of their error and “swiftly” apologized for their mistake. In addition, to the apology the Princeton Review also offered to send two fans to one of Swift’s concerts. The test prep company did so via Twitter,

“Sorry @taylorswift13! We’ll make it up to you. Pick a #grammar lover fan. 2 tickets to a U.S. show on us.”

As Vanity Fair indicates, the error was brought to Swift’s attention via “some teen, whose handle is myswiftlifee, so is presumably a Taylor Swift fan.” The unnamed teen was studying for the SATs and was using the Princeton Review prep book to do so.

VF continued, “He or she arrived at a grammar section that attempted to use pop song lyrics as examples of improper pronoun usage.” Also cited were lyrics of Katy Perry, Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga. The Tumblr user and mega fan of Swift screenshotted the questions and commented, after which Swift reblogged, leading to the aforementioned schooling by the singer.

Although the Princeton Review was apologetic for misquoting the lyrics, NY Daily confirms that the publication still holds steady in regards to their opinion of the singer’s poor grammar in the actual lyric. Rob Franek, publisher with the Princeton Review spoke on the matter.

“I want to make sure that folks know that we’re big Taylor Swift fans and that we apologize for the misrepresentation in the lyric. I appreciate her response, but the question on the grammar still holds true.”

Perhaps the use of the word “gonna’ in Swift’s actual lyric is the reason for the firm stand by the publisher.

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