Woman Posts Video With Disturbing Parenting Advice: ‘Kill It, Give It Away, Or Leave It At Home’ [Video]

If you have ever experienced that distressing moment when your child just completely loses it out in public, no worries — one woman from Texas has parenting advice for you, and although her counting skills are somewhat dubious, her message is pretty clear.

“There are two answers to this: Kill it, give it away or leave it at home.”

The video begins with the woman explaining that during a trip to the grocery store, she witnessed a woman come in with a child, whom the woman described as a little red-head, “as cute as all could be,” but it seems that her first impression quickly gave away to disgust, as the child apparently began to lose control.

“This child starts screaming — I’m talking the blood curdling, veins popping, it was bizarre,” the woman says.

And her initial thought was that the child’s mother would “get that under control,” but instead, the woman explains, the mother and her screaming child moved throughout the store, as the mother offered the screaming child treats in order to get her to calm down. But, despite the proffered string cheese and Cheetos, the woman says, the child never stopped screaming.

Just like many of us have been in the situation where, perhaps, our own kid loses his or her mind in public, many of us have also been witnesses to that child in the store ourselves, and although there is no way to know for certain why a child is acting a particular way, it’s easy to feel frustrated or annoyed when a child is screaming so loudly that our experience is impacted.

This woman, however, was beyond annoyed and frustrated. The fact that she decided to videotape herself complaining about the experience while driving — in itself a very questionable move — to simply rant about the child’s behavior and her mother’s response to it shows that the woman obviously found the whole experience disturbing.

But the experience has to be less disturbing that the woman’s very dubious parenting advice.

In the video, the woman concedes that perhaps the child had special needs — in fact, in a rather odd wish, the woman actually prayed for it.

“Please, Jesus, let there be something wrong with that child, that makes it do that….because if not, I would like to know why that woman hasn’t beaten the f*** out of that kid yet.”

Obviously, a strong believer in a system of tough love when it comes to parenting, the idea of beating the child is one the woman comes back to repeatedly. In a curious mixture of pleas to baby Jesus interlaced with obscenities and threats of violence, the woman lays out her parenting advice.

“I just had to take a minute and pray to the baby Jesus, because I’m telling you I almost walked that woman over to the wooden spoons and showed her how to get that s*** under control. You count to three. On three you pick your f****** weapon and end the drama, end the torture.”

And it’s then that, after wondering whether the child has an emotional problem or a birth defect, the woman says, “There are two answers to this: Kill it, give it away or leave it at home. If it’s got a problem, leave it at home.”

It’s enough to make a viewer wonder what baby Jesus would say about that particular solution.

The woman, who has been identified as Kathleen Smith of Texas, posted her rant on Youtube and, of course, quickly generated plenty of criticism.

“What is up with the bigotry towards children? They don’t have the reasoning, emotional or social skills we learn as adults, so why is this such an issue?” one user posted.

But the woman got some support, as well.

“There was a time in this country when parents, in general, attempted not to burden the rest of us with their ill-behaved progeny. That small bit of consideration is no longer considered important…Just one more sign of a disintegrating society.”

The woman uploaded a second video, saying bluntly, “I’m not sorry for anything I said.” She also bluntly admitted that “children p*** me off,” and their parents, even more so.

What do you think? Did this woman go too far? Or are her views justified? And should parents of special needs “keep it at home” if their child has a particular challenge?

One retail employee would probably agree with the woman — Dollar General clerk Emilia Bell spanked a child with her belt after he reportedly “terrorized” her store. To read more about that, click here.

[Image via the Irish Mirror]

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