Ex WWE Writer Reveals That Vince McMahon Wanted To Censor Christian’s Face In 2005

In the world of WWE, sometimes there are ideas that are absolutely atrocious that are able to get approved by WWE Chairman and head writer, Vince McMahon, and when they actually air on television, WWE fans are left confused, baffled and sometimes infuriated. But what’s interesting to some people are the awful ideas that never get to see the light of day, and one of those awful ideas that never got to see the light of day was actually a brainchild of Vince McMahon himself, and the idea involved Christian, but the WWE production crew was able to talk McMahon out of it.

Ex WWE writer Court Bauer recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast to talk about life as a member of the WWE writing team. He talked about some of Vince McMahon’s odd ideas that he had during his time on the writing team, one of which involved censoring Christian’s face, because McMahon thought he was ugly.

“One time Vince didn’t like a wrestler because of the way he looked. He doesn’t like Christian, and wanted to put a blue dot over his face, and he asked the production team if there was a way to put a blue dot — like censoring his face. It never happened because it was just so ridiculous, and production was like ‘do you know how expensive it would be to put a CG dot on his face? It’s not going to happen.'”

Alex Greenfield — who is another ex WWE writer — told a story similar to Bauer’s in an interview he did back in 2013, as he described that Vince McMahon went off about Christian’s face during a flight to England, and said that “Christian’s face is ratty.”

“Right before I started, there was a big show, I think it might have been in Toronto. Christian was just so completely over, and everybody thought he was going to get a push at, I think it was the World Heavyweight Championship at that point.”

“We were on the plane one time shortly after I started, and Vince was just like ‘I just don’t like his face. His face really bothers me.’ I was like, ‘He’s ugly, Vince?’ ‘No, it’s not that he’s ugly, it’s just, I don’t know, it’s ratty! You know what we should do? That Kennedy gimmick.’ And we’re all like, ‘What?’ Some see-on of the Kennedy fortune I guess got arrested for rape in the 1990’s at some point. When the woman who was accusing him was on the stand, all of the networks put a blue dot over her face. Vince was like, ‘You know what we should do? We should put a blue dot over his face whenever he comes out.’ It was the flight to Sheffield, England, also the flight where the Spirit Squad idea was invented. This was a whole flight of bad ideas.”

Towards the end of Christian’s in-ring career with WWE, one of WWE’s color commentator’s JBL began going off on Christian’s appearance, and would rant about how ugly he thought he was. But — as everybody knows — Vince McMahon produces all of WWE’s commentators during their shows, and was telling JBL to go off about Christian’s appearance.

Nobody knows exactly why Vince McMahon has such disdain for how Christian looks, as it seems to be a bit out of nowhere. But, apparently, McMahon has thought that Christian is ugly for many years now, and felt he needed to make it clear to the WWE fans that Christian was not very good looking by either censoring his face, or telling his commentators to talk about how disgusting he is every time he’s in the ring.

On the December 29 edition of RAW, it was officially announced that Christian’s in-ring career was over, due to him suffering multiple concussions. It was done in a very “who cares?” way, as it was just announced in passing by Paul Heyman. So, it’s very possible that Christian wasn’t allowed to announce his retirement on his own, because Vince McMahon thought he was too ugly to do so.

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