Walmart Shoplifter Tries To Escape Through Ceiling, Footage Goes Viral

In most cases, the average shoplifter will try to leave the scene discreetly through the door.

The shoplifter in this video footage, though, decided to take a different approach. According to the narration recorded by the person filming the incident, the alleged thief was already hunted down and subdued by Walmart security.

However, he did not stay in their custody for very long before trying to escape.

“He’s in the security room… He climbed into the ceiling and he is in the ceiling escaping.”

According to the video description posted on World Star Hip-Hop, the incident occurred in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday.

“Walmart employees first stopped the suspect outside of the store, believing he had stolen shoes and other items. When they took the man inside for questioning, he made a break for it and climbed up through the ceiling.”

The man filming the shoplifter’s attempt to escape seemed to capture a lot of action – including the Walmart employees rushing to the scene, trying to find the man before he got away.

Perhaps the alleged shoplifter assumed that he was finally in the clear, which is why he tried to escape through a different ceiling tile after spending a considerable amount of time up there.

“He navigated through the store’s duct work and kicked a second hole in the ceiling near the exit.”

As he was climbing down from the ceiling tile, he realized that he was surrounded. Once he made it down to the floor safely, he took off — running through the sliding doors towards the outside world.

It may have seemed as if he was finally in the clear. However, the man filming the shoplifter during his attempted escape captured footage of the man being caught and subdued later outside of the store.

The video of the alleged shoplifter was posted on World Star Hip-Hop Wednesday. It has already been viewed over 222,000 times.

[Image Credit: World Star Hip-Hop & Getty Images]

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