Israeli Magician Wows Spectators By Floating In Air [Video]

A huge crowd gathered around an unbelievable spectacle at Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv’s main shopping center, on Sunday. Spectators watched with a sense of wonder as Israeli magician Hezi Dean seemed to be floating on air with only one hand touching the outside wall of the mall.

Dean’s public relations team informs Y Net News that it is simply an illusion designed to baffle the minds of all who watch and try to determine how it works. A Tel Aviv resident by the name of Ben Gur-Levi told International Business Times, “I think this guy’s hand is like not his real hand it’s glued to the wall and there is a part of his body that is attached to it, so this is how we see him hanged.”

Illusions like the one Dean performed on Sunday, promoted by his project called “Hezi Dean Is About To Die,” is causing his popularity to boom in Israel. Dean’s acts have brought him notoriety simply because he has broken a few of the famous U.S. magician, David Blaine’s, records.

In 2010, Dean spent what had to have been a miserable 66 hours inside an ice cube, as compared to David Blaine’s 63 hours, as per International Business Times. Dean also broke another of Blaine’s records by standing on a nine-story pylon for an overwhelming 35 hours.

Dean considers his acts to be highly dangerous, and notes that many have died while trying to perform them.

After a small crane lowered Dean from the air on Sunday, he was all smiles as he told International Business Times, “I am very happy that I am driving home now and not in an ambulance. It is the first time that it is happening, driving home safe and sound.”

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