‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Fans Pick Their Favorite Characters In March Madness Faceoff

In keeping with the March Madness theme of the current month, BioWare opted to host a match-up of Dragon Age characters to find out which comprise the perfect party. With the help of fans on social networking, the developer tallied votes to pick one warrior, one rogue, one mage, and one leader in the ultimate party.

Fans were tasked with simply commenting or retweeting on BioWare’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts with each of their favorites over just two rounds for companions and one round for the leader. Today, the developer posted an image and revealed the results of the final count on the official Dragon Age website.

Out of the leaders of the three Dragon Age games, players were asked to choose between the stoic Warden, the enduring Hawke, and the resolute Inquisitor. The Dragon Age: Origins protagonist known as the Warden won against its sequel replacements. Having all the leaders in a party was, unfortunately, not an option.

Dragon Age
Dragon Age: Ultimate Party

In the warrior category, there were 12 from which to choose. In the first round, two warriors from Dragon Age: Origins; Dog and Alistair, and one from Dragon Age: Inquisition; Cassandra, moved on to the final round where Alistair took home the victory.

Out of nine rogues, Leliana from Dragon Age: Origins moved on alongside Isabella and Varric from Dragon Age 2. Varric, who also appeared in Dragon Age: Inquisition, ended up the winner for the rogues.

Finally, for mages, players picked between nine magic-users from the three Dragon Age games. In the first round, Solas and Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition and Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins won out against all others. Morrigan took the place of the mage the in the ultimate party, however.

Dragon Age: Ultimate Party
Dragon Age: Ultimate Party – Mage Finalists

Fans voted for a Warden-led party with the warrior Alistair, the rogue Varric, and the mage Morrigan as the ultimate party. Considering the history between Alistair and Morrigan and the endless quips of Varric, the Warden would be sure to put up with nonstop bickering.

As much as players might want it to happen, this ultimate party may never exist in any game, but Dragon Age: Inquisition players have a new DLC to complete. As Inquisitr reported, the Jaws of Hakkon DLC was announced and released just days apart. The DLC is currently available on Xbox One and PC with a later release Playstation 4 and last-generation consoles due to a timed exclusivity deal between EA and Microsoft.

Who are your favorite companion characters from the Dragon Age series?

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