Kendra Wilkinson: New Ring From Hank Baskett Shows He Paid Price For Cheating Scandal Fling With Bright Bling

Kendra Wilkinson is flaunting a new diamond ring after having tossed out her original wedding ring. The drama of that bright bling indicates that husband, Hank Baskett, finally paid the price for his cheating scandal, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple took their two children, Hank and Alija, on a weekend excursion in sunny California. Their 5-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter have been primarily staying with Kendra during the temporary split between the 29-year-old former Playboy personality and 32-year-old ex-American football wide receiver.

Wilkinson’s show, Kendra On Top, featured the battle between the two as part of the ongoing plot. The bickering began when Kendra learned that Hank reportedly was intimate with a transsexual model, while Wilkinson was pregnant.

Furious and upset, Wilkinson announced that she was ending her relationship with Hank, even taking her wedding ring and dramatically flushing it down the toilet.

The affair with the model, Ava Sabrina London, occurred last year, according to Radar Online. And although Kendra is still angry, she has decided to want to continue her marriage, symbolizing that decision with a new ring.

“Kendra wanted a new ring and she made Hank buy it for her,” revealed an insider.

“Kendra is committed to making the relationship work and so she wanted to wear a big ring that would send a signal to everyone that she’s married and is staying married. She wanted something new and sparkly and she got what she wanted.”

But Wilkinson says she still doesn’t fully trust Hank, in an interview with Us Weekly.

“It’s going to take a lifetime to trust him again,” asserted Kendra.

“I will spend my life trying to get Kendra to trust me again,” promised Hank.

As for details on that reported affair with the transgender model, neither Hank nor Kendra opened up. She kept her comment about the cheating scandal focused on her faith in the father of her children.

“All I can say is I believe Hank. I love Hank. And he’s proven to me that he’s worth forgiving and fighting for. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and unfortunate things took place. He’s very gullible and naive.”

However, as the Inquisitr reported, Kendra described herself as both anxious and angry about her future with Hank in a 2014 appearance on the Dr. Oz Show. She admitted that she was not sure what to do about the relationship.

What do you think? Has Hank paid the price now with Kendra Wilkinson’s new ring? Can she trust him again? Post your comments below.

[Image Via WE TV: Kendra On Top TV Show]

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