Three-Year-Old Genius Can Already Count To 10 In Four Different Languages

A 3-year-old boy, dubbed a “child genius,” can already count to 10 in four different languages, and can even recite his 14 times table in seconds.

Michael McBride, from Bristol in the UK, has an astonishingly high IQ of 145, which makes him just about eligible for Mensa.

When he isn’t playing with his toys, Michael spends his time working out his mother’s supermarket bills, telling her how much change she should expect from the cashier.

His proud mother, Emma Greenwood, who works for the Postal Service, told reporters, “He was watching things on You Tube – the educational videos – and teaching himself Spanish and counting. It was amazing really.”

The young genius even learned the alphabet before he started walking, and was able to read independently in English by the time he turned 3-years-old.

Amazingly, Michael is not a strange child at all, as he enjoys riding his bike and swimming, much like any other youngster of his age.

Greenwood explained to reporters, “We don’t push him because we are just kind of content to let him be himself – but he just teaches himself. He is quite fascinated by numbers, and also loves big words. He’ll say ‘mummy how do you spell this?’ and I’ll have to say ‘Oh, I’m not sure’ and we work it out together.”

Life can be complex sometimes with Michael though, as his mother explained, “Shopping on a Sunday takes forever because he likes to add things up. He will ask how much something costs, and I will tell him the price, and he will work out the change from say £1. If it’s a small shop, he’ll try to add them all up too.”

More recently, young Michael has taken a keen interest in the solar system, and has apparently learned all the names of the planets, and where they are.

As his grandmother said, “In the last few weeks he has been obsessed with the planets, learning all the names and where they are, and he loves his maths.”

For now, Michael’s proud parents have not put him up for Mensa, as he is too young in their mind, even though the youngest Mensa member ever was aged just 2-and-a-half.

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