Bristol Palin Threatens ‘Shocked’ Ex Levi Johnston — Engagement Causing Custody Drama

Bristol Palin may be over-the-moon in love with new fiance, Dakota Meyer, but the father of her 6-year-old son, Tripp, is reportedly shocked and fuming over the engagement — and the fact that Bristol plans on moving to her fiance’s home state of Kentucky with Tripp.

Bristol’s Alaskan home is already on the market, a move she made just days after news of her engagement went public, and a source claims that she is trying to adjust the custody arrangements with ex, Levi Johnston, to an agreement more suitable for parents living far apart.

The current custody agreement between Palin and Johnston gives Johnston custody of Tripp from Friday to Sunday, for the first three weeks of every month. At first, Palin was reportedly pushing for a Thursday to Sunday, every other week schedule. But with a planned move to Kentucky in order to be with Dakota Meyer, Palin wants more.

“Bristol agreed to some sort of schedule for separated parents who live far apart, like a couple weeks in the summer, holidays and spring break,” the insider said.

Levi is not pleased with Bristol’s plans at all. He’s also not pleased with the way Bristol has been handling the potential change in the custody agreement, as she has been threatening him if he does not agree.

“Levi’s upset,” the source claimed. “She sent him a threatening text and said if he doesn’t agree to a change of schedule, she’d take him to court till she spends her last dime.”

On top of that, Palin and Johnston are already battling in court over thousands of dollars in back child support payments, and it’s reported that Johnston and his wife have fallen onto such hard financial troubles, that they have been forced to move back home with his wife’s mother, along with their two young daughters.

So, it appears as though Bristol is simply planning on moving Tripp to Kentucky and leaving his father without any recourse, knowing that he cannot afford a legal battle, although he is trying to do what he can, the insider says.

“He’s tried,” the source says about keeping Tripp closer than Kentucky. “She hasn’t left Alaska for good just yet, but who knows if she’s even going to let Levi or his family see Tripp before she moves.”

In fact, insiders are claiming that Levi Johnston, 24, only learned of Bristol’s engagement the way the rest of the world did — through Palin’s Instagram account on March 14, and feels as if he was one of the last to know about the upcoming marriage. One of his concerns over the engagement is that he has never even met the man with whom his own child will be living.

“Levi has never met this man!” says the source. “He was shocked at the engagement. He’ll hear rumors and then finds out on social media. He’s hurt.”

Palin and Levi broke up back in 2010. Since then, it is known that she has had relationships with at least two more men — pipeline worker Gino Paoletti and professional snowmobiler Joey Junker. But the source who spoke with Radar Online implies that there have been more than just two men in Palin’s life — and, subsequently, in Tripp’s life — since the final breakup with Levi. And the number of men who have come in and out has taken a toll on young Tripp, the source elaborated.

“Bristol has brought so many different boyfriends around Tripp. And going guy to guy — it’s not healthy for a young boy. He’s six years old now so he’s able to speak about his feelings. He doesn’t like it. Sometimes he’ll say there’s a bad guy at the house or he hates this person. But no one knows who at the time she’s seeing.”

But it’s the idea that Palin is uprooting Tripp from his life in Alaska and moving him to Kentucky to live with an unknown man that seems to upset Levi and his family the most.

“Levi’s family is worried about Tripp moving again,” the source said. “He’s going to be in a place he’s never been, with another man he doesn’t know, and he’s leaving all his family and friends.”

Although the courtship between Palin and former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, has been termed as whirlwind, there is no doubt that their story is romantic — and that Meyer is aware that, by marrying Palin, he is also becoming a stepfather to a little boy. For more on their love story, click here.

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