‘RHOBH’ Sneak Peek: Brandi Glanville Has A Breakdown, Slams Lisa Vanderpump For Not Reaching Out

In a RHOBH sneak peek, Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump are seen hashing out their issues while attending a party in honor of former Real Housewives star, Adrienne Maloof. During their chat, Glanville breaks down, and slams Vanderpump for not supporting her, as her father battled for his life.

In a March 24 RHOBH sneak peek for tonight’s new episode, Glanville is seen in tears, discussing her father’s heath with her former friend, Lisa Vanderpump, who has failed to forgive Glanville for slapping her a few weeks prior.

“Lisa, I don’t care about this conversation. I apologized to you. I said I’m sorry. I told you I love you. My dad is dying. You have not reached out. No one else has except Yolanda, and you know what? She’s called me every day, and texts me every day. He’s dying in the hospital and you don’t give a f–k about it.”

As the RHOBH sneak peek continues, Vanderpump explains to Glanville that she only met her father for “20 seconds,” but Glanville still isn’t happy and tells Vanderpump her father is better than her and her husband, Ken Todd, put together.

Also in the RHOBH sneak peek, Vanderpump is seen discussing the issue in a confessional, where she explains she and Glanville simply do not have the friendship they used to.

“Of course I feel bad about Brandi’s father, but we just don’t have that kind of relationship that I’m going to pick up the phone and call her — especially after she slapped me. It’s kind of like I’m done.”

During a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump was slapped in the face by Glanville, as she pretended to reenact a scene from The Love Boat in Amsterdam.

As the Inquisitr reported, Vanderpump explained why she didn’t accept Glanville’s apology in a blog last week. Prior to the RHOBH sneak peek, Vanderpump claimed she’d had enough of Glanville’s bad behavior.

“I assumed if I accepted the flowers, that meant I had to accept the apology. Accepting the apology means I am perpetuating the behavior, so therefore I wasn’t prepared to do that.”

Glanville and Vanderpump became friends after Glanville joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during Season 2. However, since Season 4, after Vanderpump suggested Glanville drink less, their relationship became strained, and has remained strained ever since.

To watch the full RHOBH sneak peek, check out the clip below.

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