New Max Payne 3 trailer details the game’s story

Rockstar released a new trailer for Max Payne 3 today, but don’t expect a whole lot of gameplay out of this one. Instead, the latest trailer focuses entirely on the game’s story, characters and locations.

In the trailer, we learn that Max Payne was tasked with protecting the wife of Rodrigo Branco. Things go quite a bit south from there and Branco’s wife is kidnapped, pulling Max Payne dead in the middle of a war between opposing factions.

The latest Max Payne 3 trailer aims to provide some background for the game’s story, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking any action–even if it isn’t actual gameplay.

The trailer is pretty awesome, no doubt about that, but it also serves as a reminder of just how far of a departure Max Payne 3 is from the previous two games. In the first two games, Max Payne was a broken cop searching for answers and justice–but in Max Payne 3, he comes off as being a washed-up action hero.

Whether or not that’s a bad thing depends on the person you’re asking, and regardless of how much of a departure it may be, Max Payne 3 is looking to be another solid title from Rockstar.

Check out the latest Max Payne 3 trailer for yourself directly below.

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