‘Blank Space’ Filled In By Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

Blank Space” and these determined Girl Scouts will make you buy those famous cookies. No more blank looks and negative answers when you answer the door to Kaylee and Lexi, and if you don’t want to give them space, the Girl Scout Cookie Monsters will invade your space. The girls have turned Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” into a parody with a pointed message. The Daily Mail describes the girls in action.

“So you’re gonna buy some cookies, or you’re gonna go down in flames,’ the duo sings to the camera, while brandishing the eggs that they are ready to throw at a customer’s garage door.”

Kaylee and Lexie Girl Scout Cookie Monsters

The delicious cookies nearly sell themselves, but an extra boost never hurts. Proceeds from sales fill a lot of blank spaces for girls of Kindergarten age and up by supporting programs for the local troupe in ways decided upon by the girls themselves.

“One hundred percent of the net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program stays with the local council and troops. Girl Scout troops set goals on how to spend their proceeds on program-related activities, such as paying their own way to a community event or museum, or funding other programmatic outings. Girl Scout troops may also choose to use proceeds to purchase materials for a Take Action/Service project to benefit the community.”

If the entrepreneurial spirit of these two small marketers can fill in some blank spaces on the order forms and drum up a few more – or a lot more – sales, so much the better. Who can resist such a great “Blank Space” sales pitch?

Nice to meet you, How you been? I could sell you incredible things.

Thin mints, trefoils, tagalongs. Saw you there and I thought,

Oh my gosh, look at that face! You look like you hate to bake.

There is a better way. Eh.

Watch their “Blank Space” parody and you may just find space in your cupboard for cookies right now!

While there’s a blank on the statistics for Kaylee’s and Lexi’s sales, CEO Anna Maria Chávez told Business Insider, “nearly 1.5 million Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes of cookies” each year. However, the money isn’t the most important part of cookies sales. There’s a lot of space in the program for life learning and fun.

“There is no other program that allows girls to gain such valuable experience and understanding of how they can transform their world, all while having fun and engaging in the excitement of the cookie season.”

Ms. Chavez may not have imagined Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” becoming a marketing tool, or the threatening tactics used by the adorably innocent little Girl Scouts. However, she’s bound to be as happy with the girls’ enthusiasm as customers are with the taste of cookies filling that blank space in their daily treat diet.

(images via Daily Mail)

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