Does Mila Kunis Think About Baby Wyatt During Sex With Ashton Kutcher? [Video]

Mila Kunis has been a mother for five months and it looks like she’s adjusting well to motherhood. The other night, Kunis went on James Cordon’s Late Late Show for his premiere week, and while talking about life with the new baby things got a little TMI.

Besides unofficially admitting that she and husband Ashton Kutcher said I do in a secret ceremony, Kunis, and Cordon’s other guest Tom Hanks were both pulled into a conversation about having sex when there’s a baby in the house.

The conversation started off innocently enough, with Kunis stating that the couple try to have date nights at least once a week. Additionally the pair try to make it an effort not to talk about baby Wyatt while they’re out together, so they can keep something that’s just for them.

“Somebody gave us that advice when I first got pregnant, to make sure we have time for ourselves. My parents live down the street, so we have them do what’s called monitor sitting, so the baby goes down to sleep and they have to watch the monitor. So I would say once a week we go on a date or something, just to connect. And we make an effort not to talk about the baby.”

Then Corden, who scored pretty rave reviews during his first night as host of the Late Late Show, took the conversation in a new direction, by talking about sex.

“You might even be talking about [the baby] during sex. ‘You know, she almost rolled over today.” Kunis quickly turned that idea down and protested, “That has never happened! I’ve thought it but that’s never happened. I’ve thought, ‘I wonder if that’s her making that noise – wait, what?'”

Corden followed that up with, “Then you look and it’s him, and he’s just crying during sex.”

Kunis then admitted that she is thinking about baby number two with Kutcher. When Hanks discussed having four children, he said, “I’ll tell you one thing. We didn’t talk about the kids during sex. I got news for ya, your two kids are it if you’re talking.”

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