Internet Reacts With Horror To Innocent Looking Photo: You Can’t Un-See This!

As we travel down each and every highway on our journey through life, there are things we happen to glance at on the side of some desolate highway that we just cannot un-see. This picture happens to be one of them.

At first glance, it might appear to be nothing more than a rather impressive photo of the iconic 4th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, but it isn’t. On closer inspection, there’s a whole lot more going on.

The image in question was shot by a keen photographer who was enjoying a weekend of camera action with his friend, but when the man returned home and uploaded the photos, what he saw is destined to plague his thoughts and haunt his dreams for many a full moon.

Here! Take another look at the picture, and see if you can spot the tell-tale heart of horror beating at its very essence.

4th Street Picture 2

If you’ve already spotted it. Then well done Sherlock! You’re a master sleuth, and should offer your services to L.A.P.D immediately, but if on the other hand, you’re till stumbling around in the dark like a lost soul in a haunted house of horror, well, take another look and see if the big picture becomes any clearer.

4th Street Picture 3

Bingo! That’s right! There’s something up there on the top of the 4th Street Bridge, lurking in the arches, like a troll, a ghost, a curious visitor from some other planet, or perhaps, and you’ll need a big leap of imagination here, it could be just some dude in shades, killing time and idly watching two tourists taking pictures of one another.

Just why the guy in the photo is wearing shades when he’s chilling beneath a gigantic concrete parasol, which completely blocks out the sun, is anybody’s guess, but it’s just another creepy thing in a photo, which does tend to give people the creeps.

Reddit user youeatMYboogers wrote, “Had no idea my friend and I were being watched for the 20 minutes we were under the bridge.”

Other reddit users reacted in horror to the picture of the bridge lurker. Some called him the Jigga Man, others swore blind it was Juicy J, and another curious soul asked, “Where did he get his shades?” To which someone replied, “From the previous photographer.”

Whatever the explanation, this is now a viral mystery that may never be solved.

being watched 6.JPG

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