Muslim Hate Preacher Invited As Star Guest By Oxford Union Belongs To Banned Terror Group

A notorious British Muslim hate preacher has been invited as the star guest by the Oxford Union, despite the fact he is openly anti-democracy and is a member of a banned terror group.

The preacher in question, Anjem Choudary, is well-known to the British authorities as a public Muslim leader, born in Britain, who openly espouses ISIS-type ideology, while influencing young British Muslims to engage in Jihad.

To make the Oxford Union, affiliated with the Oxford University, look even worse, the people who invited Choudary to speak, wrote him a letter informing him that it would be a “great privilege” to have him speak there.

Choudary became renowned in the US, after he featured a number of times on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show, where the two men went to head-to-head on live TV in explosive debates about radical Islam and Jihad.

Choudary, like many other Muslim leaders, makes no secret of his beliefs, nor does he attempt to hide them. As he previously said to reporters, “I believe people should be allowed to travel where they want to and go to ISIS controlled territory to live under Sharia law.”

Nonetheless, even though he added that, “I would love to travel to Syria and take my wife and children with me, not to commit terrorism but to live under Sharia law. I had my passport taken away from me in September. If you give me a passport, I will go,” Choudary seems to prefer the comfort of life in Britain over war-torn Syria.

Among other troubling rants which the hate preacher shared with the world, was this one: “In Britain women who don’t have their basic needs fulfilled are having to prostitute themselves. Elderly people are having to choose between food and heating their houses. In ISIS territories they are given food and water and have gas.”

Choudary even went one step further, claiming that Sharia law would take over British law in a matter of time,

‘There is nothing anyone can do to prevent it, Choudary said, adding, “A few years ago the government said if you don’t want to live by our laws then you can go. If you stop people leaving and take away their passports they have no choice but to bring Sharia law here. It is better to let them go.”

What remains to be seen is what action will be taken against the writers of the letter inviting the Muslim hate preacher to speak at the Oxford Union.

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