WWE News: Sting Appears At Tonight’s RAW, Gets Confronted By Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

It was reported before tonight’s Monday Night RAW that Sting was in Los Angeles, California, and would be making an appearance on tonight’s show, and he did just that, as he opened the show. In his show-opening promo, Sting noted that he’s not angry about WWE putting WCW out of business, and that he’s not fighting for WCW because “at this point that would be ridiculous.” Sting also noted that his motivation for finally coming to WWE was to take Triple H down.

Before Sting could talk for too long, he was interrupted by Triple H’s wife, and one of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon, and she congratulated Sting on “finally making it to the big time.” She then called Sting “nuts,” which Sting responded to by doing a “WOOO!” Sting then insulted Stephanie, and said that she’s entitled, and has gotten everything handed to her in life. This led to Stephanie attempting to slap Sting in the face, but Sting caught her hand.

While Sting had a hold of Stephanie’s arm, Triple H’s music hit, and he headed down to the ring. Sting eventually let Stephanie go, and Triple H walked up to her and asked “did he put his hands on you?” to which Stephanie nodded. This infuriated Triple H, as he grabbed his signature sledge hammer, and was going to get in the ring until Sting pulled out his signature baseball bat. After a few minutes of pretending that he was going to get in the ring, and Sting begging him to make a move, Triple H walked out.

When tonight’s RAW was over, it definitely seemed like Sting vs. Triple H is the WWE’s hottest WrestleMania match. Most people expect Sting to defeat Triple H, and then go on to face The Undertaker at next year’s WrestleMania in Dallas, Texas. But, when Triple H is in the ring wrestling, you never know what can happen, especially since WWE is trying their best to make this a WWE vs. WCW angle, and everybody knows how that always plays out.

There’s also a chance that Sting’s match with Triple H will be his one-and-only WWE match, and that he’ll retire as an active wrestler immediately following the match. Sting just turned 56 years old, so — unless an Undertaker match is on the table for him next year — there’s a really good chance that Sting will be done with wrestling after this coming Sunday.

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