WWE News: CM Punk And AJ Lee Having Marital Problems?

With Wrestemania 31 less than a week away, a fight outside the ring may be brewing, as current WWE diva AJ Lee and her husband and former WWE superstar CM Punk are teasing marital issues, according to Pro Wrestling Scoops.

According to the report, both Punk and Lee unfollowed each other on Twitter for a time, but Lee is currently following Punk. During the assumed fight period, Punk sent out a couple of cryptic tweets that suggested issues between he and his spouse.

Here is what Punk tweeted.

As mentioned in the Pro Wrestling Scoops report, the second tweet by the former WWE champion is a direct quote from the 2000 film High Fidelity starring John Cusak. The quote is said in the beginning of the film after Cusak’s character known as Rob Gordon articulates the quote following a breakup.

The timing of any potential drift between the couple is surprising, considering the direction in which both of their careers are currently going in. For the 35-year-old Punk, he is currently preparing for his first fight in the Octagon as a member of the UFC roster. Pictures of his UFC attire and appearance were released over the weekend.

As for Lee, the 28-year-old New Jersey native is preparing for a pivotal match in her career at this Sunday’s WrestleMania, as she will team with her new-found ally and former enemy Paige. The unlikely duo will join forces to fight the evil Bella Twins.

With both individuals doing well in their respective profession, the timing is peculiar. Also, the couple celebrated their six-month anniversary when they rambunctiously announced it themselves on Twitter several months ago.

That exuberant tone on Twitter for their anniversary could be what is happening between Punk and Lee. Both have been known to have fun on Twitter and mess with fans in the process. Therefore, this entire “fight” of sorts is likely just a rouse to get people talking.

Also, Punk is a person who likes to keep his personal life as low-key as possible, something he’s stated in numerous interviews over the years. Therefore, if the couple is experiencing issues, letting the world know via Twitter is out of character for both individuals. However, it’s also plausible for the couple to have had a bad fight that resulted in a venting session via Twitter.

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