Updated Cause Of Death For Perro Aguayo, Jr., Rey Mysterio Serves As Pallbearer

In an update to a story the Inquisitr published on Sunday, it was reported on Monday by MSN that the official cause of death in the tragedy involving Perro Aguayo, Jr. this past Friday night has been amended. Originally, it was thought that Aguayo’s death was caused by a stroke suffered due to cervical spinal trauma. According to Dr. Ernest Franco, the official doctor of the Tijuana Wrestling Commission, Aguayo died from cardiac arrest, which was likely brought on by a cervical stroke suffered due to cervical spine trauma.

Dr. Franco has been under much scrutiny since the tragedy occurred due to the amount of time it took for Aguayo to receive assistance at ringside. However, Dr. Ernest Franco insists that Aguayo was given adequate treatment following his injury in the ring suffered during Friday’s CRASH wrestling event in Tijuana. Franco also maintains that Aguayo did not die in the ring, as many have reported, but Franco reports that Perro Aguayo, Jr. had vital signs while he was being transported to a local hospital, though his signs were indeed diminished.

Medical staff reportedly tried to resuscitate Aguayo for over an hour following his accident in the ring, and Perro was ultimately pronounced dead at the hospital at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. An MRI following his death confirmed that Aguayo suffered cervical spinal damage.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer, Aguayo was laid to rest in Guadalajara on Monday. Konnan, who was the first person to come to Aguayo’s aide on Friday night at ringside, served as a pallbearer during the burial, as did Rey Mysterio. Both men were requested by the Aguayo family to fill the honors.

Konnan was a longtime friend of Perro Aguayo, Jr., with many often commenting that it seemed as though Aguayo was his protege. Konnan was also a one-time tag team partner of Aguayo’s father, Mexican wrestling legend Perro Aguayo, Sr.

Rey Mysterio was involved in Aguayo’s final match on Friday night, and he has wrongfully been accused by some in the media as having caused Aguayo’s tragic death. In reality, this was a tragic, horrific accident that nobody could have ever predicted possible.

Rey Mysterio and Aguayo, Jr. had a long history together in the ring, as they often tag teamed together in the mid 1990s. In fact, Mysterio was even in the ring with Aguayo, Jr. when he made his professional wrestling debut in 1995. Mysterio recounted this fact on his Instagram account over the weekend.


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