Yes Virginia, Triple H Really Does Have A Sense Of Humor — Just Ask Max Landis

Amid rumors that Triple H had explicitly forbade WWE talent from publicly commenting on a satirical viral video called “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling,” the in-ring villain and front-office power broker took to Twitter yesterday and shared his take on the hubbub. Tagging Max Landis, the filmmaker behind the witty biopic, Triple H tweeted out props for the production.

A short time later, Stephanie McMahon — wife of Triple H and daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon — commented with a tweet of her own.

Early reports indicating that WWE was unhappy with the video by Landis appear to stem from comments made by F4w’s Bryan Alvarez. According to, Alvarez made the comments on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live and Landis subsequently reached out to Alvarez to clarify the matter. After a somewhat heated exchange between the two via Twitter, Alvarez clarified his comments, explaining that wrestlers were not allowed to tweet about it due to its language and content. Landis assured Alvarez—and everyone else—that WWE was “verrry happy” with his project.

Indeed, WWE was apparently so taken with Landis that he was invited backstage at this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw where he personally met the butt of many jokes in the “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” film, Triple H himself. It was clear from Max’s blow-by-blow tweets that he was bursting with excitement over the experience of rubbing elbows with some of his favorite stars.

Triple H, who is notorious for the kind of backstage politicking that exiles wrestlers to the doldrums of midcard work and dark matches definitely seems to have taken a shine to Landis, expressing enthusiasm for a likely follow up to the “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” phenomenon. It’s a busy time for the wrestler, so it’s quite remarkable that he’s taken the time to publicly acknowledge Landis, both from afar and in person. After all, the video’s online explosion comes in the middle of an exceptionally busy period for Triple H, who will take on wrestling legend Sting at this weekend’s WrestleMania show. Newsday reports that Sting has threatened to “take Triple H down” in their highly anticipated pay-per-view meeting.

Triple H was also involved in WWE’s recent scholarship initiative in which the company gave $10,000 each to three students of Full Sail University, bringing WWE’s total contributions to $140,000 over the past three years.

A career breaker, a king maker and a mover and shaker, Triple H catches a lot of heat from fans and industry watchers who often depict him as a heavy-handed micro manager behind the scenes. Maybe it’s parenthood that’s mellowed his tone. Or perhaps the responsibility of being the brains and the public face of a global capitalist juggernaut have taught him that responsibility often means giving other people the benefit of the doubt and seeing what they can offer, whether it’s in the sports and entertainment industries or in the classroom. Whatever the case, it’s clear that there’s more to Triple H than shrewd opportunism and a will to power. In fact, the guy might well be down right likeable.

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