Duchess Kate Shopping Spree: Kate Middleton Buys Prince George New Shoes

Duchess Kate went on a shopping spree, buying her son, Prince George, some new shoes. According to Yahoo! News, a very pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at Trotters on Kings Road in Chelsea, London, where she picked out a cute pair of sneakers for her toddler. She chose the Start-Rite Flexy-Soft Milan leather sneaker in navy. The popular kicks will run you about $55.

Evidently, Prince George really needed some new shoes because Kate visited the Zara store in Kensington just a few days later, and picked up another pair for her son. This time, Kate chose the Leather Blucher shoe, which retails for $40.

Duchess Kate’s shopping spree had people really interested in what she scooped up. Interestingly enough, there was some interest in what Kate Middleton was drawn to as she walked around the stores. According to the International Business Times, Kate was spotted at one of her favorite stores, Amaia in Chelsea, earlier this month. While she was there, sources say she spent some time looking at clothing for girls, perhaps a bit of a sign that she thinks she’s having a little girl.

“She (Kate) was very interested. Every mum that comes in the shop, they look for boys’ [clothes] but they always end up looking at the girls’ stuff too. We all hope it’s a little girl because it will be so cute, they will be like a little couple,” said the store’s co-owner, Segolene Tresca.

Duchess Kate heads on shopping sprees from time to time, usually picking up some items for her own wardrobe. However, now that she is a mom, she does shop for more than just herself these days. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate was spotted at John Lewis department store in Chelsea in January, where she shopped her heart out, and even carried her own bags despite being accompanied by two security guards. It’s unknown was items Catherine picked up during that particular shopping trip.

As most people already know, the Duchess is due to give birth to her second child in just a few weeks. At a recent event, Kate Middleton revealed that she was due in “mid to late April.” The gender of her second child is unknown, as she and Prince William have apparently chosen to wait to find out.

Thousands of people have been taking their best guesses at the child’s sex, and what the royal couple will choose for a name. What do you think?

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