The Naked Dress: Kim Kardashian’s See Through Dress Can Be ‘Normal’ Work Clothing, Says Fashion Experts

Kim Kardashian’s naked dress may turn some heads by appearing almost nude in public, but fashion experts say this type of see through dress may come to be known as “normal” women’s clothing. But how could the average American ever consider see through clothing anything other than a fashion faux pas based upon shameless public nudity?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a nude model named Andressa Urach almost died when having plastic surgery, and now she is telling the world that “vanity isn’t everything.”

The history of the naked dress does not start with Kim Kardashian. In 1962, Marilyn Monroe once sang Happy Birthday to former U.S. President John Kennedy while wearing an outfit some would say showed off way too much. Nowadays, fashion models like Kate Moss regularly show up wearing near naked dresses that leave little to the imagination. The MTV Music Awards and the Grammy Awards often have stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga wearing clothing that is just one tiny mistake away from streaking.

Most Americans may think these sheer fabrics would likely lead to an arrest for indecent exposure, but some fashion experts like Lauren Thurston believe Kim Kardashian’s nude dress styles could be modified to be considered normal even in a work setting.

“This trend can work in everyday life,” Thurston said, according to The Independent. “The key is adapting it to suit your lifestyle. You could wear a body under a sheer blouse to provide more coverage for work. Invisible lingerie allows the clothes to do the talking, while bright colors and neon make a feature out of your underwear for a night out. We wouldn’t recommend going for a sheer bra under a see-through top though.”

Essentially, the nude dress is all about putting underwear on display for all the world to see. Celebrities may be fine with letting everyone seeing glimpses of their naked forms beneath the sheer fabric, but that would hardly do for the average public outing, never mind the workplace.

Experts say the choice of “your lingerie needs to complement the overall look not distract from it. Lingerie decisions need to look intentional – whether this is choosing a style and color that works harmoniously or intentionally contrasts.” The underwear must be well-fitted in order to “achieve the perfect silhouette” in addition to ensuring that “lines remain clean and minimal.” A well-fitted bra not only has an impact on back posture and health, but also supports self-confidence.

“Wearing a good-fitting and supportive bra can be a revelation,” says Thurston. “You feel more comfortable, supported and more confident.”

Of course, in order to strut around in an almost nude dress requires plenty of confidence from the get-go. If you plan on mimicking the celebrities then issues of public nudity laws might even become an issue. For example, in LA County section 43 of ordinance 17.12.360 bans women from wearing clothing where “any portion of the breast at or below the upper edge of the areola thereof of any female person is exposed to public view.”

Do you think see-through clothing should be allowed to become a “normal” fashion trend worn by the average working female American?

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