Rockstar Pope Francis Mobbed By Eager Nuns During Service

Pope Francis has impressed people around the world with his remarks and actions ever since he was elected. However, despite his views, nobody probably ever expected him to be mobbed by nuns during a service. But that’s exactly what happened to him at Naples Cathedral on Monday.

Pope Francis was at a ceremony when he found himself being swarmed and hugged by a group of nuns.

In fact, the nuns’ actions became so incessant that Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, who was officiating in the Cathedral, actually had to intervene and told the sisters to stop bothering the pope.

Upon seeing the scene, via ABC News, Cardinal Sepe said into the microphone, “Sisters… later. Well, would you look at that.”

However, even though the pope was being mobbed by the nuns, Sepe was still able to make a joke about the situation, as he cracked, “And these are the cloistered ones. Just imagine the non-cloistored ones.”

Sepe then went on to add, “They are going to eat him! Sisters… sisters!”

The Archbishop of Naples ultimately helped to rein in the sisters, who had been showering him with presents and greetings when they clearly became overwhelmed with being so close to Pope Francis.

According to the Telegraph, after hearing their names called by the archbishop, each of the nuns then excitedly broke into applause and began fervently waving. They then made their way from the side wing of the cathedral and surrounded Pope Francis. This was when the pope’s security personnel finally intervened.

The pontiff was able to see the funny side of the nuns’ efforts though. However, he also looked to be a tad bemused by them at the same time.

Pope Francis was in Naples for just one day to meet a variety of religious leaders, seminarians, and priests in the area.

The nuns usually observe and abide by the rules of “papal enclosure,” which means that they very rarely leave their nunneries. Most of the time, they only meet their visitors through a grill. In order to meet Pope Francis, each of the nuns had to be given special permission to have their seven convents in Naples closed for the day.

While in Naples, Pope Francis also visited some of the city’s poorest and most poverty stricken areas, while he also visited where the mafia has a stronghold.

As Pope Francis made his way around the region, hundreds of thousands of people made their way onto the streets to pay their respects and say hello to him.

[Image via IBTimes]

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