‘WrestleMania 31’: Undertaker Won’t Be A Literal ‘Dead Man’ At WWE Event, New Photos Show Phenom Is Looking Phenomenal

On April 6, 2014, over 75,000 people packed into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, along with millions watching live on the WWE Network, and witnessed the greatest tragedy to ever happen in sports entertainment at WrestleMania XXX. It was at that moment the legendary Undertaker would have “The Streak” broken at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

The conclusion of the match caused news outlets to report on why the Undertaker lost. Ultimately, most would delegate the loss to rumors his health was fading. The Inquisitr kept up with such rumors in which the WWE Universe thought the Undertaker’s health took a downturn back in September despite the fact his wife, Michelle McCool, has said otherwise. Eventually, the question would arise if the Undertaker would be okay to compete at WrestleMania 31 if he were called to do so.

Now, there is visual proof showing how the Undertaker looks prior to WrestleMania 31. Fortunately for the WWE Universe and Undertaker fans, he is actually looking phenomenal!

According to an article by Uproxx, it reports that Orlando Ordaz, a wrestling fan, was able to snap a candid fan photo with the Undertaker on March 16, 2015, right outside the WWE Performance Center. The fan posted the picture up on his Instagram.

Undertaker With Orlando
Undertaker poses with Orlando Ordaz, a wrestling fan, right outside the WWE Performance Center.

As seen in the picture, the Undertaker isn’t looking like the sinewy figure who performed at WrestleMania XXX. As a matter of fact, this healthier version of the Undertaker is nostalgic because he looks just like the American Bad***, a persona used just after the turn of the millennium.

It should also be noted that the Undertaker is looking beefier too, as if he’s been hitting the weights. In fact, that is exactly what the Undertaker has been doing, as proven in a recent Instagram update by Michelle McCool.

Undertaker Working Out
The Undertaker is hitting the weights. This has been visually recorded by his wife, Michelle McCool.

The WWE Universe believes the Undertaker is getting in major shape for two reasons. First is to deliver a match worthy of recent Undertaker appearances at WrestleMania. To many fans, Undertaker’s performance against Brock Lesnar (the one he lost at) was slow-paced and boring at times. They only tolerated it out of respect, understanding how much the Undertaker has put into the business. They also understand that Undertaker’s age and past injuries were a factor too.

The age and past injuries bring up the second reason. By being in optimal health, Undertaker reduces the risk of getting hurt. During his match against Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker suffered a concussion. Though he was able to walk to the back after his defeat, he collapsed once he went through the curtain. Vince McMahon was so concerned that he rode with the Undertaker to the hospital. That is a huge deal because Vince is the man responsible for bringing WrestleMania to the world. The fact he left the biggest WWE pay-per-view halfway through its showing speaks volumes.

Nevertheless, the recent pictures of the Undertaker on Instagram point to the Undertaker being able to deliver something epic on March 29, 2015 at WrestleMania 31. Even though he doesn’t have “The Streak” intact anymore, the Undertaker deserves to leave his legacy at WrestleMania on a high note, in a match where he truly delivered the best he could to fans who supported him since his debut back in 1990.

[Post Images via Instagram]

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