‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Beta Sign-Ups Go Live, Pre-Ordering Guarantees Access

Rainbow Six: Siege is currently running through a closed alpha test on the PC, but it doesn’t look as if PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait long for a beta test. Ubisoft opened sign-ups for a closed beta test for the shooter on all three platforms with two different ways to get in.

Ubisoft is currently taking sign-ups for the Rainbow Six: Siege beta test via the game’s website, and there are two ways to get in. The first is by pre-ordering the game from participating retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. You will receive a code with your pre-order that guarantees access to the closed beta.

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The second method is by signing up for a waitlist. There is no guarantee on when or if you will be allowed into the Rainbow Six: Siege beta. A short survey on how frequently you play games like Counter-Strike and Halo is required.

There’s no word on when the closed beta for Rainbow Six: Siege will start, but it’s likely not to be too soon. The closed alpha test only started recently, and Ubisoft will need time to take the lessons learned from it and apply them towards the beta.

Approximately ten minutes worth of footage from the Siege alpha test did leak out over this week. Ubisoft played whack-a-mole by sending take-down requests to every provider that posted the video, so I don’t have it to share here.

Rainbow Six Siege (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

However, I can tell you that the footage contained classic Rainbow Six style play as a team of counter-terrorists attempt to rescue a hostage held aboard an airplane at an airport. Terrorists were able to erect barriers to keep the counter-terrorists out, while the counter-terrorists were able to use charges to blow breach holes in the side of the plane or even floors. There were also other gadgets used like radio-controlled drone cars.

There has been some negative feedback from the Rainbow Six community over the use of hit markers, but it is still early in the alpha testing process.

The Rainbow Six: Siege beta test will feature more content than the alpha test. You should also expect better graphics and overall polish as Ubisoft continues to optimize the game for its release later this year.

Will you be signing up for the Rainbow Six: Siege beta? Sound off in the comments below.

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