Kim Kardashian Hoping to Date Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin has only started 7 games in the NBA but his life is already beginning to change. Lin already has a new shoe coming out from Nike and he’s reportedly lining up a few hot dates. Reality starlet Kim Kardashian is currently trying to set herself up with the New York Knicks star. It’s Linsanity I tell you, Linsanity.

A source close to Kim said:

“(Kim Kardashian) thinks (Jeremy Linn) is cute, and she’s good friend’s with (Jeremy’s teammate Carmelo Anthony’s wife) Lala. It’s going to be a double date.”

But dating Kim Kardashian might not be the best idea for Mr. Lin.

Lin is a hot commodity in the NBA right now with teams, fans, and sponsors begging for his attention. Getting involved with Kim Kardashian could quickly put Lin on the NBA’s bad side. I mean, look at Kris Humphries. He’s one of the most hated player’s in sports and the most hated player in the NBA and all he did was get involved with the reality star.

What do you think? Should Lin date Kim Kardashian?

Kardashian’s star may be waning as many of her fans have grown tired of her after her 72-marriage. So for Kim, aligning herself with Lin would be a great PR move.

But Jeremy Lin really has nothing to gain from a relationship with Kim Kardashian, that is unless he’s hoping to star in the new reality series, “Kim and Lin’s 71-Day Marriage.”

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