Chris Evans Early Career: ‘Captain America’ Was Once A Model … For What?

Chris Evans’ career has something embarrassing early on. The Captain America actor was once a model for something you might believe, but he’s probably happier with where he went from there.

For years, Evans was primarily a comedic actor, starring in the surprisingly good (yet still raunchy) Not Another Teen Movie as Jake Wyler. This was close to what the actor did before he ever saw any roles on a screen, starring as a teenage heartthrob who apparently everybody in the movie liked.

A few more roles have helped flesh Evans out, including his appearance in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World as a professional skateboarder and actor who happened to be one of the titular character’s rivals. He was one of Ramona Flowers’ seven “evil” exes.

Evans also had probably one of the most well acted roles in the first successful Fantastic Four movie as the hot-headed Johnny Storm. The Human Torch seemed to be a role he was born for, but unfortunately the sequel helped kill the franchise and make a reboot inevitable.

The most embarrassing part of Chris Evans’ career was as a box model in 1999 for a board game. The game was called Mystery Date, and he was one of three young men who appeared on the box, smiling for young girls. He was the one actually modeling with the included toy phone, and his character name was Tyler, who according to the game, said his ideal date is “a walk around the cliffs, then hang out by the bonfire with other friends.”

Thankfully, Evans gained some dignity over the years and is now best known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America. Suddenly being a scrawny young man who couldn’t get in the Army with his stature doesn’t seem so embarrassing.

Chris Evans modeled for 'Mystery Date'
Chris Evans modeled for the ‘Mystery Date’ board game before he became an actor.

This early job as a model for Mystery Date hasn’t affected Evans’ later career or attitude, thankfully. He is a rather charitable person, having visited kids in the hospital alongside Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star Lord, Chris Pratt.

Chris Evans’ career has come a long way, and we’ll all see how far he’s come on May 1, when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters.

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