Eva Mendes Just Kidding About Sweatpants But Not About Comfort

Eva Mendes, we know you were just kidding about the sweatpants (and the crocs), but the world thinks you may have a point. It’s not just the sweatpants, Eva, and it’s also not the crocs — they’re just comfortable, easy to wear clothes — but all kidding aside, it could be that too much comfort just isn’t such a good thing in a relationship.

The debate about whether kidding around in sweatpants is okay began when AJ Calloway of the U.S. News program Extra asked Eva Mendes about her at home clothing style. Eva came out strongly against sweatpants, making it clear that they are just the wrong choice for Mendes and main squeeze Ryan Gosling.

“Sweatpants? No, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t do sweatpants. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America is sweatpants. No, you can’t do that.”

Some people — a lot of people — took offense, and the Twittersphere exploded. Mendes later apologized on Instagram, saying she was “just kidding” about her style and relationship advice.

Eva Mendes apologizes on Instagram for sweatpants comment

Whether or not Eva was just kidding, there’s a growing sense that she may be (a little bit) right, though as Mendes pointed out in her Instagram post, the sweatpants are hardly to blame. Claire Cohen in the Telegraph points out that how we dress when we are alone with partners can often be a reflection of how we treat our significant others.

“After all, we all know that Mendes was talking about metaphorical sweatpants right? The ‘I didn’t bring you flowers/I’m too tired for sex/Yes your arse looks big in that’ stench of relationship familiarity.”

In truth, Eva Mendes may have been thinking of sweatpants, just sweatpants, not the flowers, tiredness, or thoughtless honesty that can trip up a relationship. But Heather Jensen, writing for the AllWomenStalk blog (“…your daily scoop of fabulous!”) has some things to say about being too comfortable in a relationship, whether or not you wear sweatpants.

“How can you tell when the manners have gone out the window and when your partner knows that you aren’t going anywhere – no matter what?”

Psychology Today discusses a list of just a few of the potential pitfalls for couples, things that may have started out as kidding and finish by ending the relationship.

Jay Dixit writes, “If your partner can’t seem to change sloppy ways, reframe the issue in your own mind… Changing your perspective can not only resolve the irritating issue, it can mend the dynamic of the whole relationship.”

And for those times when one partner just doesn’t have the energy to make an effort…

It might be worth throwing on a pair of sweatpants, taking some time for nurturing your relationship, and generally enjoy just kidding around.

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