Randy Travis Arrest Tape Released [Video]

Randy Travis was arrested on February 6th for public intoxication and the dashboard camera video of the country singer’s arrest hast just been released.

On the tape, Travis seems bewildered that he’s being arrested.

“Are you kidding me,” Travis says. “Your kidding me, right?”

Travis was found by two police officers in his car in a parking lot on February 6th. Texas Police report that the country singer reeked of booze. When asked if he had been drinking Travis plainly responds: “Yes sir I have. But I’m not driving, as you can see.”

When Travis couldn’t provide identification the officers decided to bring him to a holding cell.

Here’s part of the police report thanks to On The Red Carpet:

“I asked the subject his name and he stated ‘Randy Travis…’ Mr. Travis’ speech was slurred and I was beginning to have a hard time understanding what he was saying… We had Mr. Travis step out of the vehicle and as he did, he stumbled as he tried to walk… I advised Mr. Travis he was being taken into custody for public intoxication. I placed handcuffed on him … and placed him into the back seat of my patrol unit.”

Here’s the video of the arrest.

Do you think Randy Travis was bewildered about his arrest because A: He’s Randy Travis. B: He wasn’t driving. C: He was drunk and confused.

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