Ariana Grande Does Hilarious Celine Dion Impression On ‘The Tonight Show’

Twenty-one-year-old artist Ariana Grande surprised not only host Jimmy Fallon but also the whole world when she nailed an impression of famous 90s diva Celine Dion. Despite being unfamiliar with the lyrics of the song, the talented singer impressively pulled off the classic song “Beauty and the Beast” at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last Friday.

Being her first time making an appearance on a talk show, Grande admitted to being nervous, saying that she is not fond of speaking in front of people despite her celebrity status.

“I feel vulnerable,” she shared to Fallon when asked about how she felt.

The “Love Me Harder” singer eventually warmed up and started cracking jokes. “I can talk!” Grande jokingly exclaimed. Fallon then made a suggestion, saying he has heard that Grande can do a “fantastic” Celine Dion impersonation and asked the artist if she can give a little sample on the spot.

Grande agreed saying, “We can do one together… We can do a duet.”

Fallon made the song choice and started off the singing. When Grande started to sing, the host could not help but crack up. The young artist remarkably imitated Dion’s intricate vocals complete with the French accent and the trademark heart pounding gestures.

Her impersonation had critics truly impressed. An article written in Hollywood Life about Grande’s performance even said, “Is there no end to Ariana Grande, 21, and her talents?”

Another article on Mashable also stated, “Naturally, Ariana stole the show.”

Grande also displayed her youthfulness earlier in the show when she joined Fallon for another installment of the host’s “Ew!” sketch. Dressed in a colorful number, she played the role of a whimsical teenager. Other popular artists to do the sketch with Fallon include fellow teenage pop star Taylor Swift.

Grande further impressed the audience and Fallon with her language skills. The young artist has been studying the Japanese language and attempted to teach the host a few simple phrases and a complex yet hilarious one.

When asked by Fallon what the incomprehensible statement meant, the singer explained, “It means the space between my high sock and my skirt is very sexy.”

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