Kendra Wilkinson Tries To Shed Playboy Image, Wants To Remove Breast Implants

Former Playboy Mansion resident Kendra Wilkinson is opting for the removal of her breast implants. At the age of 29, Wilkinson is now a mother of two and has gone through a drastic identity overhaul from being a Playboy bombshell to being a refined matriarch.

“All men want to see is a body that pleases their eyes, especially in my case because I come from the Playboy world,” Wilkinson told Life&Style.

“They don’t want to see my body doing something other than pleasing them. My body used to please men, but my body is for me now and it is to please me.”

Wilkinson entered the Playboy Mansion at the age of 18 and is considered one of the most famous Playboy models of all time. She has done numerous lingerie shoots and starred in the reality TV show The Girls Next Door from 2005 to 2010. The former sexy model has also done several nude magazine covers for Playboy and was obsessed with maintaining her image as a sex symbol, hence the huge breast implants.

During her modeling years, Wilkinson weighed 120 pounds but gained 55 pounds throughout her pregnancies. During her second pregnancy, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Because of this condition, Wilkinson adapted a healthy and active lifestyle which turned her skinny model body into an athletic one. Like other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, the former model also went on a low-carb, ketogenic-inspired Atkins diet.

However, according to her, she is now happy of letting go of her Playboy image.

“If guys don’t like my body now, that’s actually a good thing that means I’m shedding the Playboy image. When I see guys saying oh you’re fat, I’m like ‘yes! I’m glad I don’t turn you on anymore because I don’t want to do that anymore!”

She now lives with her husband, former National Football League star Hank Baskett together with their son, Hank (five years old) and daughter, Alijah (nine months old). She actively posts about motherhood in her Facebook account and is currently more interested in being a homemaker.

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kendra and baby

“I love Playboy but now it’s time for people to see me as a real mom and wife who lives in celebrity la-la land but deals with all the drama,” Wilkinson shared.

When asked about what her husband thinks about the change, she said that he loves her body and is happy about his wife’s newfound confidence.

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