Jennifer Garner On Clogging, Saxophones, And Other Hidden ‘Hillbilly’ Talents She Has

It’s no secret that Jennifer Garner is a multi-talented woman, and thanks to an eye opening interview with People Magazine, we get to see just how uniquely gifted the Danny Collins star really is.

The star confessed to having a wide variety of talents, including clogging, playing the saxophone, and quite frankly, “anything that a hillbilly can do.”

There may have even been a mention of “playing the spoons.”

Garner was quoted as saying that her “cup runneth over” with many hidden talents, but the only ones you will see on the big screen involve her acting skills.

The former Alias star has teamed up with Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale, and 6-year-old Giselle Eisenberg in Danny Collins, a film about a down and out music star (Pacino) looking to mend his broken relationship with a son he abandoned (Cannavale). Jennifer plays Pacino’s daughter-in-law with Eisenberg co-starring as Garner and Cannavale’s daughter.

While working with the other actors on set, Garner admits that not only was she excited to be working with a film legend like Al Pacino, but that she also “learned a lot” from her younger co-star, Eisenberg.

It seems that Eisenberg and Pacino also worked well with each other. Garner went on to speak about the special relationship between the two co-stars.

“The two of them would improvise with each other at the end of a scene and just go on and on and on because she wasn’t afraid,” Garner recalled. “And so that was just such a great reminder that just because he’s Al Pacino, he’s not being intimidating – he’s being loving. So don’t be afraid of him.”

While on tour promoting her new movie, Garner paid a visit to the Today show, where viewers got to see an even softer side to the doting mother of three. The Huffington Post reported that during the broadcast, the star became quite teary-eyed over a photo shoot that involved Garner, her mother, and Jennifers’ sisters for South Living Magazine.

Through her tears, Jennifer gushed about how important the opportunity to share the spotlight with her mom and sisters was to her. She went on to say that she loved “getting her mom and sisters dolled up” for the shoot. Host Savannah Guthrie apologized for upsetting her and began discussing “boring” topics to her help the teary eyed star focus on something less emotional.

The full video can be seen here via the Inquisitr.

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