‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Death Leads Man To Threaten Brother In Real Life

Some people take Grand Theft Auto entirely too seriously. There are people who decide to play the game instead of going to school and work. There are people who also want to see just how seriously they should take the game. And then there are people who take a death inside Grand Theft Auto Online so seriously they are willing to drive more than 50 miles and threaten the actual life of their brother.

That last bit actually did happen in the United Kingdom, where a 32-year-old man and father of two had to call the police on his older brother after some trash talking over the video game got out of hand. After the younger sibling killed his older brother’s character in Grand Theft Auto Online, the elder man started sending threatening text messages, according to the Mail Online.

The man says he was bombarded with more than 50 texts, all increasing in the level of threatening language they were using. After a 24-hour period didn’t help the older brother calm down, he apparently drove over to his family member’s house and started banging on the front door.

‘The next night he’s knocking my door with a baseball bat shouting ‘I’m going to kill you like you killed my ‘GTA’ character. That’s when I called police. It’s like he tried to act GTA out in real life,” the younger man said.

Techworm reports that the irony is the younger brother wasn’t actually at home in order to see these threats first hand. The two men’s father was in the house, and he was the one who let his younger son know that his sibling had taken the incident to the next level.

The family didn’t want to be named for this story, obviously because no one likes to be known as the family that actually had police called because someone took Grand Theft Auto too seriously. Despite this incident, there are still plenty of people who see Grand Theft Auto as something that can actually avoid this kind of confrontation by getting people to only do this kind of thing online.

The video game is actually so lifelike that there have even been studies about how the characters in the game act compared to real life. One particular study actually took a look at whether or not the cops in GTA V harbor any racist tendencies. While all of this is interesting, the thing to take away from this incident is to leave all Grand Theft Auto grudges online.

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