Disneyworld Hacks To Make Your Vacation Even Better

Almost everyone at some point in their lives has dreamed of visiting the ultimate house of mouse: Disneyworld. But with the ticket prices having gone up $4 per ticket to $105 per adult, some people are beginning to wonder if the park is worth it or if it is just another money grab that wants to gouge its customers any way they can.

A spokesperson for Disney has justified the higher cost saying that a ticket to Disney allows for 16 hours of entertainment, and when buying a five day park pass, the cost per day works out to be a mere $63 per day. Still, that’s a lot, especially if you have kids with you, since Disney doesn’t go easy on the kids ticket pricing. However, there are some helpful Disneyworld hacks that can save you not only your hard earned money, but your time as well.

If you are traveling without kids, consider the Monorail Pub Crawl. It’s exactly what it sounds like — just pick up the monorail and take it around to different bars and lounges located in Contemporary Hotel (location of two bars), Polynesian Hotel, and the Grand Floridian. This is best for a party of four or less because the monorails can be tightly packed and finding seats at the bars for more than four can be an inconvenience.

If you didn’t get a Disney Dining Plan (it is worth the investment considering the amount of food you get and is worth the up front cost to not have to worry about bringing money for meals — and it works out to be cheaper), you are allowed to bring in your own lunch. Just make sure all water bottles and other drinks are sealed to bring in to the park. Also, if you need a drink but don’t want to shell out the money, you can go to any quick-service restaurant and they will give you a free cup of ice water.

Organize your kids clothing. Disneyworld is the most exciting place to be at any age, and it may be hard for little ones to get ready in the morning. Before you leave, buy freezer bags and write the name of the day on the bag. Then, pack a days worth of your kids clothes in the bag. Not only does this make more room in your suitcase, but it will be easy to grab a bag and get your child ready for the day.

Going to Disney? There’s an app for that. If you are a compulsive planner, the My Disney Planner app is for you. Inside the app you can plan everything from meals to attractions, book your hotel, see the park map, and even find out where characters will be signing autographs if you or your kids are filling up that collectible autograph book you can get in almost any gift shop.

So if you are planning a trip and want to do things the easy way, try some hacks whether you are visiting just for the day, a week, or even for a special event. Do you know of some hacks we may have missed? Post them in the comments and help your fellow travelers make their days at Disneyworld even more rewarding!

[Image via Disneyworld]

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