WWE News: WWE Legend Chris Jericho Wants To Work With A ‘Heel’ Daniel Bryan

Chris Jericho is a legend in the wrestling business. He’s performed in front of millions over his professional wrestling career. More notably, his latest run with Bray Wyatt really helped build the legacy of the young WWE superstar. Jericho and Wyatt had their last match on an episode of Monday Night Raw when Jericho jumped off the steel cage on a whim. Now, Jericho only works WWE live events.

He wants to be the anti-Brock Lesnar and not appear on television. Since Jericho is in great shape, there’s no reason why he couldn’t return somewhere down the line. On the flipside, Jericho said he’d still be happy if he never wrestled again.

Anything can happen in the wrestling business, so don’t count Jericho out of a great feud in the next couple of years. In a recent interview with Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald, Jericho talked about whom he’d like to work with in the future.

“There are a lot of guys there I would like to work with. I would like to work with [Finn] Bálor. I would like to work with Sami Zayn and [Adrian] Neville. Even [Dean] Ambrose, [Seth] Rollins and Reigns I would like to work with. I would like to work with Daniel Bryan as a heel. I think I can bring something out of him that he hasn’t been seen. It is one thing the company really doesn’t have is strong heels.”

Either one of those feuds would be excellent for Jericho, as well as the other combatant. It seems that Jericho wants to work with the most popular young guys in the company, especially Rollins and Reigns. Due to Jericho’s other commitments outside of wrestling, only one or two of these actually taking place would be a miracle.

If there were two that really stand out, it’d have to be Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor. Like Jericho said, Bryan as a heel is already good. He proved that a few years ago. Add the Intercontinental championship to that feud and it would be a gold mine of wrestling and promos. As for Balor, he was a heel in New Japan Pro Wrestling with the Bullet Club faction. Balor is already the most-over wrestler in WWE NXT. Having him take on a legend like Jericho would only boost his credibility to the WWE Universe.

WWE is very lucky to have someone like Jericho who comes in once a year or two and builds the young group of wrestlers. Without men that give back to the business, it would be very hard to learn the craft. Wrestling is not like any other professional sport. So, having people to teach the business to young men and women is a huge bonus. Jericho might come back to WWE next year, given that he has time. Expect many great things if he does.

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