‘The Walking Dead’: Will Rick And The Group Get Kicked Out Of Alexandria?

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Try,” might be just as exciting as next week’s season finale. At least, fans are hoping it will be. The pressure’s been turned up at Alexandria with Rick’s determination to take over the safe zone and Maggie overhearing Father Gabriel warning Deanna about Rick and the group. Will they be kicked out and forced to find somewhere new to live?

It would be very surprising if Maggie doesn’t tell Rick what she overheard last week, with the inflammatory comments Father Gabriel made about the group in his warnings to Deanna. If she doesn’t during tonight’s Walking Dead episode, then she likely will in the season finale. Gabriel insinuated Rick and the others will end up destroying everything Deanna has worked for and would put their own lives before hers.

“I’m grateful to be here. I am. But you made a mistake bringing in the others. Rick, his group, they’re not good people. They’ve done things. They’ve done unspeakable things. They can’t be trusted. They’re dangerous.”

While last week’s episode of The Walking Dead took place outside of Alexandria’s walls, tonight’s episode will explore the mounting dangers within the so-called safe zone. According to On the Flix, the synopsis for The Walking Dead’s “Try” episode says that “when life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group will realize that sheltered life may not be possible” and that “Rick and the group will face setbacks as existence within the walls starts to mimic life outside.” And we all know what life is like on the outside on The Walking Dead, with what we’ve seen happen in Woodbury and Terminus.

Walking Dead has already shown that one of Alexandria’s increasing dangers is that some inhabitants aren’t exactly courageous. Take Nicholas’s cowardly behavior, for instance. Strong, capable leaders seem to be lacking there–no one who can lead like Rick, Michonne, and Glenn, for example.

Another issue for our favorite Walking Dead apocalypse survivors? They’re becoming increasingly unwelcome in Alexandria and are realizing what they once thought of as a safe zone might just be as deadly as life is outside the zone’s walls. In the sneak preview for tonight’s episode, Rick seems determined not to let the people of Alexandria take over his group.

Are there any safe havens to be found on The Walking Dead? The group tried and failed to find normalcy on the farm and in the prison. Terminus was a nightmare, to say the least.

As the show closes in on its season finale, it’s once again apparent on The Walking Dead that you “fight the dead and fear the living.”

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