Kendra’s Implants May Soon Be Gone: Wilkinson Talks Changing Image, Marriage To Hank Baskett

Kendra’s implants may soon be a thing of the past, as Wilkinson recently indicated that she’s considering having them removed. Though Kendra Wilkinson became famous for her sexy image and Playboy ties, these days she is looking at toning down her image and it seems that removing her breast implants may be a part of that transformation.

Life & Style shares that Kendra’s implants are what she now calls part of a phase she went through, and one she is ready to put behind her. Though she says she loves her body now, she would love to get rid of the Playboy image that was a big part of her persona for many years. She even says that she is feeling trapped in the body she has now where she’s got large breasts.

Though Wilkinson used to play up the Playboy image that appealed to men, now after having two kids and going through a tough year, she’s focusing on what works for her. As the Daily Mail shares, Kendra’s implants may be on the way out as she embraces having the body that works for her, not the one that fits the public image she used to have.

It seems that to a great extent, the transformation Wilkinson started feeling came as she breastfed her daughter Alijah Mary. She says that now that she has two children, her figure has shifted and she loves her body more now than she did in her pre-kids days.

Kendra adds that husband Hank loves her curvy body now too, though he loves her newfound confidence most of all. It’s clearly been a process for Wilkinson to get to this point, as she has been open about struggles she experienced after her pregnancy with Hank Baskett IV.

Though Kendra and Hank went through a very difficult period with a cheating scandal hitting them right after Alijah’s birth, by the sounds of things, they’ve worked through those tough times. The reality TV star shared with InTouch Weekly that the couple is headed to Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and they’re on the road to making their marriage stronger than ever.

Kendra and Hank say that they’re in a great place now and they’re even considering renewing their vows. It seems that the couple has worked hard to push through their struggles and though many fans expected to see them split, they’ve come out of the scandal stronger than ever. Kendra’s implant reduction may be the next step for the family to move toward a fresh start and less showy life together.

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