Cause Of Death In Perro Aguayo Jr. Tragedy Revealed, Father Still Not Informed Of Son’s Death

A new report today from has revealed that the Friday night death of AAA star El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo (better known as Perro Aguayo Jr.) was the result of a stroke suffered due to cervical spine damage.

As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Perro Aguayo was injured during a Friday night tag team match in Tijuana, Mexico, where Perro and Manik (T.J. Perkins of TNA Impact Wrestling) were taking on Rey Mysterio Jr. and Xtreme Tiger. The match, which was promoted by CRASH wrestling, was advertised as the Tijuana return of Rey Mysterio Jr, who is fresh off his release from WWE.

The injury came during a sequence setting up Mysterio’s signature “619” move. Aguayo took a flying head scissors from Mysterio, sending Perro to the outside of the ring. Aguayo immediately re-entered the ring, where he then received a drop kick to his back sending him into the middle rope to prepare for Mysterio’s “619” move. At this point, the video of the match (which can be viewed in the Inquisitr’s original story on this tragedy) shows a clearly limp and unconscious Perro Aguayo Jr. leaning across the ring rope. Mysterio aborts the attempt at his “619” move, and confusion surrounds the participants in the ring as Konnan tends to Aguayo on the ring apron.

The match goes on for a couple of more minutes, horrifying viewers as an unconscious Perro Aguayo Jr. lies on the ring’s canvas without receiving any serious medical treatment. According to today’s report, the reason no doctor rushed to the ring to treat Aguayo was due to the fact that the doctor in charge was pre-occupied treating two other injured wrestlers backstage. Due to these injuries, the doctor was not able to be present at ringside as he normally would be during the main event.

Eventually, Perro Aguayo Jr. was transported from the ring on a piece of plywood. He was taken to a local hospital where doctors reportedly worked on him for over an hour, attempting to resuscitate him, before officially pronouncing Aguayo deceased.

A report from ESPN Deportes indicates that Perro Aguayo’s father, the legendary Mexican luchadore Perro Aguayo Sr., has still not been informed of his son’s death. The elder Aguayo is in poor health, and officials worry the news may trigger an emergency.

The ESPN Deportes report goes on to note that CRASH promoter Ignacio Delgado has decided that his promotion will pay for all of Perro Aguayo Jr.’s funeral expenses, as well as any monetary settlement that is deemed necessary.

An investigation into the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. has been opened, prompting some to question whether manslaughter charges are a possibility.

At last night’s Lucha Underground television tapings, a ceremony was held in tribute to Perro Aguayo, according to a report from Dave Meltzer. It was noted that Konnan, who was ringside at the CRASH event Friday, was present at the Lucha Underground event.

Aguoyo’s funeral is being held today in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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