Blake Lively And Her Beautiful Hair Continue To Get The Attention They Deserve

It is a well-known fact that Blake Lively has got a stunning head of hair. Whether she wears it down in flowing, loose curls, or up in a stylish ponytail or twist, it always is the picture of perfection. Lively’s tresses have a sheen and texture that resemble the mane of a Disney princess come-to-life.

Recently, Lively took to Instagram and all but admitted just how incredible her hair is, as she posted a side-by-side of herself and a different sort of character of the animation genre- comical cartoon superhero.

Blake's hair raising post via Instagram
Blake’s hair raising post via Instagram

The new mommy to baby James and wife of Ryan Reynolds captioned the hilarious pic which shows her hair’s superpowers in an equally hilarious and clever way.

“…Who wore it better? C’monnnn, my hair is my super power!!

As Elle makes note, the pic involves “a crazy face and gravity-defying ‘do—and the villainous Syndrome from Disney’s animated movie The Incredibles. Truth be told, the resemblance is a little uncanny—and totally hilarious.”

The encouragement Lively offers within the caption, and the humorous nature of both the photo and the caption, demonstrate the usual private and reserved Gossip Girl star, does in fact have a silly side and it’s certainly refreshing. The inspiration given to empower her fans with good hair days all around surely is appreciated as those bad hair days can put a damper on anyone’s daily grind. However, it is probably not often that Lively, herself, experiences many of those “bad hair days.”

The Instagram post to follow the silly pic was a return to the look we normally see of the gorgeous honey-blonde. Dressed in a sleek outfit, Lively looks stunning while her long locks fall with perfection.

Although Lively solely is usually the picture of class an elegance, when interacting with husband Ryan Reynolds on social media, the duo has recently been known to get silly to the point of the down-right weird.

Cosmopolitan recently relayed some interesting interactions between the two and perhaps the most noteworthy is the tweet involving Lively and Reynold’s heads pasted on an old pic of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s bodies which also involved an interesting caption.

The duo certainly are a great team for not taking life too seriously and it seems to be working for them, as both are rock-solid in their Hollywood-life with a gorgeous little one to add to the perfect picture.

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