Traitor! Mark Zuckerberg Joins Pinterest

Though Facebook still holds a fairly comfortable lead on social networking giant Twitter, one new social network is sneaking into the picture, picking up users left and right. No, I’m not talking about Google+, I’m talking about Pinterest. Now we’re hearing that a new noteworthy user has joined the fold: Facebook CEO and developer Mark Zuckerberg.

The invite-only social media darling Pinterest has been getting all the right nods lately, starting with the mainstream press adoption and integration of the platform in 2011 over rivals Facebook and Twitter. All Facebook reports that Zuck has signed his digital life away to the new networking site, but what does this mean? Is he being a gentleman? A philosopher dedicated to the idea of social media rather than a cunning businessman who seeks to root out and destroy the competition? Is he just checking it out? Keeping tabs on his competition?

Well for starters, Zuckerberg also has accounts on Twitter and Google+, though his accounts are fairly inactive. His Pinterest account isn’t exactly humming either, and about all you can get out of it right now is, “Oh hey, he liked Moneyball too”. He’s following more than 100 users, but doesn’t have much content posted. His Pinterest is, of course, linked to his Facebook.

Pinterest is arguably the hottest startup of 2012, with 10 million signed on right away, 2 million connected through Facebook, and use by more than 100 brands. It’s up-and-coming, the sky is the limit, insert third cliche here, and maybe Zuckerberg is just curious to see what all the hubbub is about.

Do you follow Zuckerberg on Twitter or Google+? Will you follow him on Pinterest?

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