Obese Woman Who Lost 280 Pounds In One Year After Gastric Bypass Dies Of Starvation

A 42-year-old grandmother from Portsmouth in England reportedly starved to death having been unable to keep any food down following a gastric bypass procedure in 2010.

Angela Jones, who was morbidly obese for much of her adult life, underwent the procedure in 2010 at Spires Southampton Hospital. She had been suffering from arthritis and was unable to exercise much.

Despite being given anti-nausea pills after the procedure, Jones was simply unable to keep any food in her stomach and over the year that followed. She was rushed to hospital a number of times having lost a staggering 280 pounds.

Following her mother’s untimely death, her daughter, Chantal, told reporters she wished Jones had never had the op.

“I’ll never be able to forget the horror of how mum died. She thought the gastric bypass would be the start of a new life when she’d finally have the slim figure she always dreamed of. Yet by the end she was so thin, just a living skeleton confined to a wheelchair. She just faded away in front of my eyes. I won’t ever get over it. I speak on behalf of the whole family when I say people often mistakenly think these operations are the answer to being obese. But the truth is we believe my mum would still be alive if she hadn’t had this done.”

Despite her issues with food addiction, Jones reportedly made a number of attempts to diet in her life but due to a hip problem and the arthritis, she was never able to perform badly needed exercise.

As the dieting wasn’t really effective, doctors suggested Jones consider more drastic action to curtail her weight gain.

As Chantal said, “The doctors were blunt. In hindsight they frightened her into wanting the surgery. They said she would die without an operation. At the same time (my sister) Melissa and I were growing up and she longed to be slim and buy normal clothes.”

Even though Chantal and Melissa pleaded with their mother not to have the gastric bypass, her will prevailed over theirs. After the operation, doctors were sure Jones would make a full recovery.

Nevertheless, the constant vomiting after eating persisted. As Chantal recalled, “All her food had to be liquidised because she couldn’t swallow any lumps at all. It was heartbreaking to see her having to drink her meals. Even then, often she still couldn’t keep anything down.”

In conclusion, Chantal said, “We bitterly regret my mum ever allowed doctors to persuade her having weight loss surgery was the answer to her obesity problem. Only hope telling mum’s tragic story makes anyone else think twice before having gastric surgery.”

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