Lijit adds some comment goodness to its search

If you aren’t familiar with Lijit (shame on you if that is the case) they provide a nice little service for blog owners to improve the search results of their blogs for their readers. I have been using their service over on WinExtra for quite some time now and even when I search my own blog for something I need to find I will often use the Lijit search widget. Now as good as Lijit is I always felt that there was one aspect of blog content that gets missed when ever you are searching for something on a blog and that is the vast number of comments that blogs collect along the way.

Well Lijit must have heard what I was thinking because they’ve announce an addition to their search features today that covers that problem. If you are using WordPress and the default comment setup that comes with it Lijit will know include them in the results of your searches

and away we went. Now along with our integrations of Disqus, JS-Kit, Intense Debate, if you are using the default WordPress comments, you will find a nice link in the lower left that will expose a few of the comments on the post, and a link to view more comments.

With the inclusion of WordPress comments (even comments, which is ironic since *cough* Automattic wont allow us to be installed on their platform *cough*) our publishers can see the direction we are going with our feature set.

As handy as that feature might be the last comment of their post announcing this new addition has me really curious about what they have up their sleeves.

Nice additions guys – keep up the good work.

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